Accusations repeated, FM – The Island asked for clarification

tax evasion:

Shamindra Ferdinand

SLPP MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage yesterday (25) said the finance ministry owed an explanation for not regulating chartered accountants to increase state revenue.

When a former minister said so island The Treasury Department has taken care to confirm accusations of massive tax evasion he committed before Congress on Sept. 20 and the role some CPA/tax consultants have played in this racket. Asked.

According to MP Arsugamage, it was well known that IRS officials asked few questions when tax returns were filed through a CPA firm.

Aluthgamage said he expects the Ministry of Finance and other relevant agencies to contact him. “However, they did not contact me, but the Treasury Department informed me on September 26 that Congress would be briefed on the progress and actions taken on the charges against him within a month. I assure you,” he said.

Noting that the promised report has not been submitted to parliament, Aluthgamage said that despite the financial crisis, those responsible continued to avoid the controversy at hand.

The parliamentarian said he would not retract the accusations made in parliament on September 20 under any circumstances. The Treasury Department should prove me wrong or take corrective action as soon as possible, the lawmaker said, asking for the authority to deal with the issues at hand or face the consequences.

On two apparent tax evasion cases involving high-profile businessmen, MP Arsugamage said the finance ministry should have a monopoly. The situation was so bad that the government could not ignore the urgent need for overall reform of the tax collection structure, the former minister said. Alto Gamage, who reiterated the vital importance in regulating chartered accountants, revealed a case where 35 billion rupees he was labeled as 5 billion rupees.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe holds the financial portfolio and Ranjith Syambalapitiya and Shehan Semasinghe serve as State Finance Ministers. SLFPer Siyambalapitiya is responsible for revenue collection.

On 26 September, Minister of State Siambalapitiya requested a comprehensive report from Customs, Inland Revenue and Excise on the issues raised by MP Arusugamage on the Rules of Procedure (27)2. Syambalapitiya assured parliament that he would be briefed within a month. The directive was issued at a meeting chaired by State Minister of Finance Siambalapitiya. Among those in attendance were Director of Internal Revenue his DRS Hapuaarachchi, Director of Customs PBSC Nonis and Director of Excise MJ Gunasiri.

Citing a staff-level agreement Sri Lanka has struck with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), MP Aluthgamage said the government was taking steps to boost revenue. Parliament said he approved a “social security contribution” on September 8, with 91 MPs in favor and 10 against, the former minister said, intending to collect Rs 140 billion annually. He added that he had. “Taxes are necessary. We all understand the hardships experienced by the majority of people who are struggling to make ends meet. We continue,” said Arsugamage.

MP Aluthgamage said the current tax appeals regime needs to be reviewed as stakeholders continue to exploit loopholes to their advantage. The former Minister said the reports issued by the Parliamentary Oversight Board, COPE (Commission for Public Enterprises), COPA (Commission for Public Accounts) and COPF (Commission for Public Finance) since the last general election were Aluthgamage said police never asked him for a statement. In fact, MPs declared that this was not a police matter, adding that the Treasury Department should brief parliament and take all necessary steps to streamline tax collection. Accusations repeated, FM – The Island asked for clarification

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