Acting governor pledges to monitor stunt handling in Jakarta

We provide nutritious supplementary meals to pregnant women in an effort to prevent children from stunting.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – In an effort to reduce the number of stunted infants, Jakarta’s Acting Governor Hel Budi Hartono has pledged to directly oversee the handling of stunting cases in Jakarta.

“Every Tuesday, urban villages and community health centers[Pustulosis) Check the child’s weight and provide nutritious food. We are deploying a team of doctors,” he said Tuesday while reviewing child health services in Chilingsing, West Semper, North Jakarta.

Hartono will visit many locations in Jakarta to check the treatment of stunting.

He said he received all data on stunting cases based on synchronized names and addresses from both the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN), the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics (BPS) and the Ministry of Health.

“We track and process data from BKKBN, BPS and the Ministry of Health. We are not going to discuss this issue. The most important thing is our actions on the ground,” he stressed. .

His administration has addressed stunting through interventions such as providing pregnant women with nutritious food in many areas prone to stunting.

“We provide pregnant women with additional nutritious meals in an effort to prevent children from being born stunted,” Hartono said.

In fact, the Jakarta provincial government provides residents with various social assistance such as health insurance, education, senior citizen cards, and additional food such as eggs, meat and chicken.

“Again, we are consistent in addressing cases of stunting, including cases of extreme poverty. We will continue our efforts,” he said.

Based on BPS data, North Jakarta has the highest number of stunting cases in the city. In Cilincing sub-district, authorities detected 777 cases.

While providing child health services at Triputra Persada Hijau Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space (RPTRA) in West Semper, Cilincing, many residents brought their infants in for weight and height checks.

Based on data from a local urban village, 50 children under the age of five were found to be susceptible to stunting.

The acting governor explained, “The children are bright, but sometimes they are a little short. They are one to two centimeters shorter than the WHO (World Health Organization) standards.”

After the intervention, his administration observed a reduction of about 17% in cases of stunting, or 134 cases in Cilincing.

Hartono said other districts have also seen a decline in stunting cases, with 114 in Koja District, 115 in Penjaringan, 14 percent in Tanjung Priok, 10 percent in Pademangan and 22 percent in Kelapa Gading. I told him I was there. .

Many urban villages north of Jakarta have also started their own programs to alleviate stunting. For example, West Semper has programs to ‘Spread the Love’ or ‘Prevent Childhood Stunting’.

BKKBN previously said there are at least 790,000 children under the age of five in Jakarta. However, the prevalence of stunting in the state has reached 14%, with an estimated 110,000 infants suffering from stunting.

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