Adrian Delia says he never considered fighting for the MEP election

Former nationalist party leader Adrian Delia said he was not asked to challenge the 2024 European Parliament elections, adding that he had never thought of it.

Delia was reacting to the story carried by The Times of Malta On Wednesday, a former PN leader said he was exploring the possibility of running to become a MEP in 2024.

“I want to make it clear that no one in the party’s leadership is approaching me to challenge the European Parliament elections, without getting caught up in unnecessary controversy,” Delia wrote on his Facebook page. ..

“That wasn’t what I wanted to do on my side,” Delia added.

Delia was banished by party members during the party’s turbulent period from 2017 to 2020 and replaced current leader Bernard Grec as a PN leader.

Delia was one of PN’s best performers in the 2022 general election and was easily elected in both districts in which he fought.

PN will do everything in the contested elections to recover from the tragic election performances of the last decade.

Veteran MEP and current European Parliament Speaker Roberta Mezzola are expected to lead PN’s responsibility to regain the third seat of the European Parliament.

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