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Advocates are urging countries to stop supplying jet fuel to Myanmar

So far, no government has banned or otherwise authorized the supply of aviation fuel to Myanmar.

Since February last year, more than 1,560 civilians have been killed by Myanmar security forces. (Reuters)

Some human rights advocates are calling on the government to impose sanctions on Myanmar’s supply of aviation fuel as Myanmar’s security forces are bombing opponents of the military-led government. ..

Calls to cut off jet fuel supply after several major oil and gas companies, including Total and Chevron, have said they could withdraw from domestic ventures and reduce the flow of hard currency to the military. Attracted attention.

Myanmar still produces oil and gas in partnership with Thai, Japanese, Chinese and South Korean companies, but it does not have a large modern refinery and imports both civilian and military aviation fuels. I am.

What’s behind the call?

On February 1, 2021, a widespread non-violent protest followed a military takeover that expelled the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Armed resistance increased after peaceful protests were subdued with deadly forces. The country is currently facing a rebellion that some experts characterize as a civil war.

More than 1,560 civilians were killed by security forces, including some during the airstrikes, according to surveillance groups.

So far, no government has banned or licensed the supply of aviation fuel to Myanmar, but the UK government has recently urged companies to avoid offering products that could be used in such attacks. ..

“The Myanmar military regularly bombs civilian targets,” he said in a statement.

“When dealing with an entity related to Myanmar’s aviation sector, companies need to pay close attention to the supply chain to prevent goods such as jet fuel from reaching the military.”

In the past, the United States has banned the supply of aviation fuel to Russian troops in Syria.

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EU sanctions

This week, the European Union has imposed sanctions on the state-owned Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise. This is a joint venture partner for all offshore gas projects in the country.

This includes the Yadana gas field, which TotalEnergies and Chevron recently said they would quit.

Opponents of targeting aviation fuel say it will hinder commercial aviation and efforts to provide assistance to the tens of thousands of people exiled by the civil war after last year’s military takeover.

Burmese Campaign UK aims to prevent Myanmar and foreign companies involved in the supply of jet fuel to the military from being involved in “every aspect” of the country’s aviation fuel supply, including insurance and other support services. He said he was seeking sanctions.

Myanmar’s justice, a human rights alliance, is still studying the aviation fuel supply chain, but said air raids should be stopped.

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