AfD invites Victor Orban to talks

According to the AfD’s response to Viktor Orbán’s interview, the German government attaches less importance to bilateral relations than the Hungarian government.

The German Alternative (AfD) political party reacted to the recent remarks. interview of budapester newspaperHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke about the relationship between Hungary’s ruling party Fidesz and German political parties.

The Prime Minister said:

Hungary has a strong interest in maintaining good relations with the federal government, whether CDU or SPD. Under no circumstances should party affiliation undermine intergovernmental relations. A feature of German democracy is that actions related to the AfD affect intergovernmental relations. (…) We are therefore forced to sacrifice our relationship with the AfD at the highest possible intergovernmental altar. “

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Viktor Orbán argues that finding common ground with the German government is difficult

Viktor Orbán argues that finding common ground with the German government is difficult

“We will comply with the Commission’s demands, but further demands are forthcoming,” the Prime Minister said.keep reading

in the letter I sent Hungary todaythe AfD’s deputy federation spokeswoman Mariana Harder-Kühner wrote that the CDU is doing everything to prevent a reconciliation between the former Hungarian sister party and the AfD. The overlap is much greater than with the CDU,” she noted.

“Like our party, Fidesz is committed to traditional marriage and family, unborn child protection, restrictive immigration and asylum policies, and ending economic sanctions against our homeland Europe and Russia.”

Harder-Kühnel continued.

Mariana Harder-Kühnel (Photo via AfD)

according to her statementit is no coincidence that the German-led European Commission has launched a number of infringement proceedings against Hungary for alleged violations of EU law, and has even threatened to do so. The consideration is not as pronounced as their ruling party,” she noted.

In her statement, Harder-Kühnel called for “Viktor Orbán to finally initiate a dialogue with Germany’s only rational conservative force, the AfD.”

Featured photo by Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán AfD invites Victor Orban to talks

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