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Afghanistan FM says the Taliban-led government meets all the requirements for global recognition-Doha News

A Turkish delegation landed in Kabul on Wednesday to negotiate to operate an airport in Afghanistan.

Amir Khan Muttaki, Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, said his administration controls Afghanistan and therefore meets all the conditions for international recognition, providing security to Afghanistan. He said he was successful.

This came in an arabic interview Al Jazeera At a show on Tuesday, Muttaki said the interim Afghan government was seeking international legitimacy.

The acting foreign minister said the current Afghan administration has relationships with several members of the international community, but some countries are trying to prevent their capabilities from being globally recognized.

Taliban has a provisional government September 7It’s been almost a month since I hijacked Kabul on August 15th this year.

Despite the promise that the government is inclusive and includes members of all segments of society and international calls, the administration is made up of members of the Taliban and its supporters from the Haqqani network.

From August 10th to 13th, a last-minute meeting of the peace agreement was held in Doha between the former Afghan government, the Taliban and other members of the international community.

Turkey’s Qatar “agrees” to operate five airports in Afghanistan

The militants of the time were already rapidly gaining control of the major state capitals, even when negotiations took place.

and Joint statement After the meeting, the envoy said he would not recognize “the government of Afghanistan imposed by the use of military force.”

After the acquisition, various diplomats from countries such as the EU and Qatar said approval was not a priority due to the urgent need to address the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, the international community continues to engage with the Taliban-led government, warning of the dangers associated with the isolation of Afghanistan, given the heavier costs of civilians.

Discussions on airport operations

Meanwhile, Muttaki confirmed to Al Jazeera that talks are underway between Turkey’s Qatar and the current Afghan government to operate and manage the airport in Kabul.

This followed a statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Mebrut Chabsogur, who announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. [MoU] It operates five airports in Afghanistan between Turkey and Qatar.

The Afghan government From that account, Deputy Interior Minister Shirajuddin Haqqani tweeted that he had received a Turkish delegation on Wednesday.Discuss bilateral economic relations and the means of cooperation between the two countries. ”

“During the meeting, Turkish delegations confirmed that they were ready to invest in Afghanistan. In various areas so that Afghanistan can be self-sufficient, “read the tweet.

The Turkish and Qatar teams will meet with the interim Afghan government in Kabul on Wednesday.

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