After a deadly shooting in Yuvalde, Texas, students were caught with firearms outside of school

According to media reports, a student in Texas, USA, was caught in a firearm outside high school the day after a deadly shooting at a school in Yuvarde killed 19 students and two teachers.

Police arrested a suspect who looked like a rifle and was walking towards Richardson High School in Texas. This is the day after an 18-year-old archer killed more than 12 students.

“At 10:55 am on May 25, 2022, the Richardson Police Department received a call from a company in the 1500 block of East Spring Valley Road reporting a man holding something that looked like a rifle. The man was finally seen walking towards Berkner High School on 1600 East Spring Valley Road, “Richardson Police Department said in a news release.

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Within minutes of the call being made, numerous police officers from various units within Richardson Police Station responded to Berkner High School and began investigating and investigating the case. A nearby school was notified of police activities.

Based on the information provided, police officers were able to identify the male suspect as a boy at Berkner High School. The suspect was in Berkner High School, but no weapons were found.

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Further investigation revealed a vehicle used by the suspect in the parking lot of 1551 East Spring Valley Road. Inside the car, police officers observed what looked like an AK-47 style pistol and a replica AR-15 style Orby’s rifle.

Police said, “The juvenile was arrested and charged with illegal carrying weapons in TPC 46.02, a weaponless school district that is a felony in a state prison. No further information is available due to the suspect’s age. It has not been announced. ”

On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed that Texas school shooters used the AR-15 assault rifle. After a deadly shooting in Yuvalde, Texas, students were caught with firearms outside of school

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