After Modi advises Putin, Russian envoy talks about ending war in Ukraine. Indian seat bat at UNSC

The Russian-Ukrainian war enters its eighth month (image)

after the prime minister Narendra Modi In giving strong advice to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia’s ambassador to India Denis Alipov said on Friday that his country would consider ending hostilities with Ukraine. said it does.

This comes a day after MEA S Jaishankar agreed with Prime Minister Modi’s statement and expressed “deep concern” over the war between Russia and Ukraine. Jaishankar said that now is the time for dialogue and diplomacy, not war.

At a press conference, the Russian envoy denied Moscow’s plans to seize Ukrainian territory, arguing that Russia wants to end the war in Ukraine if there is a manifestation or willingness of the other side. He also emphasized that he responded to provocations created by NATO and the US, not by Russia.

The Russian ambassador further strengthened his position on India, saying, “We strongly support India’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council. We have been very vocal about it.”

Alipos also said, “We want to end hostilities. But we do not know when this will end. There are no plans to seize Ukrainian territory. We are ready to stop hostilities at any time if Ukraine shows its will.” it’s finished.”

When asked when the war would end, the Russian ambassador said it was a difficult question to answer as the other side was talking about continuing its military response.

“It is a very difficult issue. We are ready to stop hostilities. As you know, President Putin also spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. , the other side is talking about continuing military operations,” he said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the SCO Summit 2022 in Uzbekistan and gave strong advice on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Modi urged Putin to end hostilities in Ukraine, saying “this is not the time for war”.

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