After Sliema puts more pressure on Neptune, Saint-Gilyan awaits their opponents in the final

NEPTUNES Video Slot…….. 9

Sliema Flank Salt…….. 11

(2-4), (3-3), (3-2), (1-2)

Sliema Frank Salt’s superb play kept hopes of reaching the final against Saint-Gillien.

The Neptunes started the semi-finals with a 1–0 game advantage, finishing second to Sliema’s third, which has now been swept.

Sliema showed grit to overcome Neptune, a team coming out of one of the most difficult times in recent memory.

Jérôme Gabarretta was one of the players who stood out in this match, despite being the last to return from injury. Dino Zamit showed efficiency in front of goal as Beto Fernández prepared the team well, also considering he had more rest than Neptune.

The champions have now lost their last four head-to-head encounters and are under a lot of pressure to win Thursday. Jordan Camilleri’s absence has proven to be one of his downfalls for the Neptunes, and manager Dorian Pisani will need to reorganize his team, but his reign is just beginning.

Sliema were already leading 2-0 after just one and a half minutes into the match. They won the first session 4-2 as Dino Zamit and Jamie Gambin both responded to Neptunes goals scored by captain Stevie Camilleri.

Despite missing Dino Zamit’s penalty, No. 12 Sliema regained a 5-2 lead. However, Neptunia erased his three-goal margin in his two-and-a-half minutes from Sam’s Giaranze and his two goals from Jeremy Abella.

After Sliema regained the lead at 7–5 by the end of the second session, the game continued to come and go as Neptune was able to turn the tables midway through the third session. As in the second session, Jérôme Gavarretta and Dino Zamit rose to give Sliema his 9–8 lead.

Stevie Camilleri scored the third of the game early in the final session from a penalty to equalize. Dino Zamit showed his skill to put Sliema ahead 10-9, and Benji Katia scored the crucial goal in the crucial moment from a man-up as the Neptunes’ reaction wasn’t bold enough to save the game. .

Neptune: A. Borg Cole, J. Muscat, S. Gialanze (3), G. Pace, J. Cachia, J. Spiteri Staines, S. Camilleri (3), J. Camilleri, J. Abela (3), M. Spiteri Staines, A. Fenech, M. Castillo, M. Rossi, M. Farrugia

Sliema: N. Grixti, J. Gabarretta (3), L. Galea, D. Rizzo, M. Meli, B. Cachia (1), J. Cutajar, M. Mifsud, J. Brownrigg, J. Gambin (1), Z. Mizzi (1), D. Zammit (5), A. Theuma, K. Borg

referee: Alex de Rafaele and Stefano Pinato


Siren Mecca Marine …….. 12

(3-3), (7-2), (2-1), (2-6)

San Ġiljan JP Projects learned a lesson not to underestimate Sirens Mecca Marine. In their last two matchups, the Sirens have put up tough opposition despite finishing on the losing side. This time he SanĠiljan dominated the game from his second session. The only consolation for Siren is that he was able to reduce the final margin in the last session.

The win saw the Saints, who started with a 1–0 game lead thanks to their first-place finish in the round-robin league, advance to the finals as Agusto Siren’s fourth.

The fact that Siren played their final match in the Malta Sports Journalists Association Cup last Saturday may have affected them physically. They started the game at their best as penalty Matthew Siberus took the lead. SanĠiljan responded and he scored twice, but Sirens regained the lead with goals from Isaiah Riolo and Gabriel Melillo. Nikolai Zamit equalized from a penalty before the end of the session.

After Jérôme Zerafa Gregory’s goal, Saint-Ciriguán have scored more than six goals. Two of them were from man-ups and two were from penalties. A commanding 9-4 lead gave San Chillian coach Zeljko Kovacic a cushion to control the game. Napier closed the gap, but Ben Plumpton from Manup ensured the team would maintain a five-goal lead at the end of the second session.

San Ġiljan lost their rhythm in the last two sessions, mainly due to Kovacic’s rotation. Nikolai Zamit and Matthew Zamit continued to widen the gap and Zerafa Gregory scored Siren from Manup. Although it was too late, Siren scored his fifth straight goal in his final four and a half minutes of the match to cut the deficit to two goals from his seven.

Saint Gillian: J.Tanti, P.Borg(1), A.Galea(3), N.Schiavone, R.Caruana, M.Zamit(4), B.Plumpton(2), D.Tully, J.Bonavia(1) ) , N. Zammit (3), D. Zammit, N. Bugelli, G. Vassallo, M. Ortoleva, D. Ferò

siren: T. Micallef, P. Serracino, K. Erdogan (2), J. Sciberras, J. Zerafa Gregory (2), G. Farrugia, M. Chircop (1), I. Riolo (2), J. Napier (1) ) ), M. Cutajar, M. Sciberras (1), M. Azzopardi (1), M. Bonello Dupuis, G. Melillo, K. Agius

referee: Ronnie Spiteri, Massimiliano Sponza After Sliema puts more pressure on Neptune, Saint-Gilyan awaits their opponents in the final

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