After these five Asian countries witnessed a surge in Covid-19. Next is India?

India recently witnessed a third wave of Covid-19 in December and January, but there are studies suggesting that it may have to face another wave soon in June.

This was after a surge in coronavirus cases in many Southeast Asian countries. Meanwhile, the Government of India has warned all state governments to follow appropriate rules.

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On the other hand, BA.2, a subvariant of Omicron, has been lifted and the number of cases is increasing throughout the European Union (EU). “While many EU countries have lifted regulations, we have noticed that infection rates are rising again in some member countries, which seems to be more infectious than other variants. It is due to the distribution of Omicron BA2, “said Xinhua News Agency, citing Marco Cavalieri. Responsible for EMA’s strategy on biological health threats and vaccines.

Here are some of the South Asian countries where Covid-19 cases have increased in the last few weeks.


China has recorded a huge number of covid cases in the past few weeks, severely blocking more than 5 million people. This is said to be the largest outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan since 2020. “Overall, the epidemic situation in China’s regions is still in the development stage, and many states and regions are fighting the epidemic of Omicron in multiple cities at the same time,” said a Chinese news agency Global Times official. Stated.


Covid cases have also increased in Singapore in the last few weeks. The country reported 10,244 new cases on Saturday. During that time, the deaths of three people were also recorded.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong reports fewer cases of covid-19 than before, according to Reuters reports. The country recorded 16,597 cases on Saturday, which is less than the previously recorded more than 20,000 cases.


Although the number of cases of covid-19 has decreased significantly in South Korea, the risk of Omicron subspecies infection remains high. However, the country has relaxed restrictions in fewer cases. South Korea recently reported 381,454 new covid-19 cases, according to the Yonhap News Agency.


Myanmar has recorded 31 cases of the BA.2 substrain of the Omicron mutant, according to the Ministry of Health. After these five Asian countries witnessed a surge in Covid-19. Next is India?

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