Afternoon Outing: Mondorf-les-Bains

A 1934 German Klem, confiscated by the Americans and found in Findel’s hangar, is the oldest plane in Mondorf’s Aviation Museum.

Photo: LW Archive

A spa town with beautiful gardens, public squares and well-maintained paths, Mondorf and its surroundings attract 530,000 visitors each year. The commune also includes the picturesque villages of Elange and Altweiss.

a little history

The name Mondorf dates back to the Carolingian and Frankish dynasties. Charlemagne’s niece, Muomina, gave all her possessions to the Echternach Abbey. Among them was a small village named Muommendorf. Charlemagne also married Hildegarde of Thionville and had a residence in Mondorf. The town was called Moommendorf in 960, Moyndorf by 1440, and Mundorf by 1572. The current name he used for the first time in 1681.

Before Dutch rule, the town was mostly devoted to agriculture and wine growing. The Dutch taxed salt heavily, and slightly salty water was discovered at Mondorf in the 19th century. Excavation he started in 1841 on the initiative of the local notary Ledure. For the next five years of his life, no rock salt was found, but a mineralized spring, which Ledure decided to use for therapeutic purposes.

A spa was founded in 1847 and a casino application was filed in 1852. Three years later, Guillaume III, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, stayed at the Hotel Grand His Chef in Mondorf. By 1864 he had eight hotels, and in the same year the fountain was sold to a group of investors who founded the Anonymous Association of Mondorf Baths.

In 1878, the town was given the title of spa town by a royal grand duke and became known as Mondorf-les-Bains. Four years later, it was connected to Luxembourg City and Lemisch by the Djangeli railway.

prominent aborigines The town was also home to the influential John Gruen (1868), Auguste Reich (1874), creator of the famous Mouse Ketti, and Franz Clement (1882), a journalist and editor of Targetblat. It is included. A great critic of the Nazi regime, he was deported to Dachau, then deported to Austria, where he was murdered in 1942. Mondorf is also the birthplace of cycling brothers Andy and Frank Schreck.

The former Palace Hotel in Mondorf-les-Bains housed many notorious Nazis who were later tried in Nuremberg.

The former Palace Hotel in Mondorf-les-Bains housed many notorious Nazis who were later tried in Nuremberg.

Photo: Luxwort Archive

[1945年、パレスホテルは有名な建物に改装されました。ナチス指導者の捕虜収容所 彼らがニュルンベルクで裁判にかけられる前に。 1952 年から 1953 年にかけて、欧州石炭鉄鋼共同体の議長であるジャン モネはモンドルフに 8 か月間滞在し、フランス、ドイツ、ベルギー、オランダ、イタリア、ルクセンブルグから国家元首を迎えました。


あなたが見ることができる近代的な市庁舎の左側 ジョン・グリュンの記念碑 1889年にアメリカに移住。 聖ミカエル教会 1764 年に建設され、バロック様式とロココ様式を組み合わせ、ワイザーによる内部の絵画と、地元の彫刻家ジーン デッカーによる彫像を備えています。 階段を右に登ると、見晴らしがいいです。 ニコラ・ウンゲシックの登攀 (彼は教会の建築家でした)。 頂上には1930年に建てられた小さなチャペルがあります。

タワー かつてのコミューンの建物は、もともと中世の刑務所であり、その後、最初に鉱泉を供給したLedureの邸宅でした。 19 世紀の終わりにホテル ドゥ メスになりました。

町の周りは 「シュトルパーシュテング」、ホテルベルヴェデーレを経営し、1942年に国外追放されたボネム家を含む、ナチズムの犠牲者の記憶に捧げられた石。 シナゴーグ ムーラン通りには、もともと 1907 年に建設されましたが、1941 年に損傷がありました。現在、モンドルフ出身のアウシュヴィッツ収容所の生存者に捧げられたプレイス ジョージ マルクスが外に復元されています。

Hire a boat to paddle along the Gander River, which marks the border with France

Hire a boat to paddle along the Gander River, which marks the border with France

Photo: Rex Krelen

Of course, one of the main reasons to visit this town is Domaine MondorfThe Domaine’s wooded park covers over 42 hectares and was founded 160 years ago.

it is magnificent flower bed in the summer and great road of sculpture There are 21 sculptures by renowned local and international artists.there is orangeryThere are old hot springs, marked trails, an 18-hole course for easy golf, and boats for 2-4 people can be rented for 30 minutes or more.

hot spring

Soak in the healing hot springs at Domaine Thermal Mondorf-les-Bains

Soak in the healing hot springs at Domaine Thermal Mondorf-les-Bains

Photo: Rex Krelen

Thermal spring water contains high concentrations of sodium, calcium, magnesium and sulfates, with a pH close to that of the skin, with soothing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. The hot water is heated to 36°C to relax muscles, increase joint mobility and improve blood circulation. It is also believed to be good for the digestive and respiratory systems (because it contains magnesium and sulfur).More information about treatments available at Domaine here.

If you prefer to swim in fresh water, spend the summer in the summer beach area with its sunny bar terrace, sauna, outdoor swimming pool with hammam and brasserie.

of aviation museum It houses Luxembourg’s flying heritage, is free to enter and is open Wednesday to Sunday afternoons.

Spread across two floors of a glass building, everything related to flight includes parachutes, balloons, model planes, aviation history, stamps dating back to 1909 and, of course, many aircraft used in World War II. can see The commercial department has exhibits from Luxair and Cargolux, where you can discover weather stations, radar stations, aircraft engines, and hear live recordings of conversations between pilots and airport control towers.

Altwis Castel

On the bank of the river (French side) about halfway between the villages of Mondorf and Altwies, there is a rocky outcrop crowned with a chapel known as the Castel. This rock, which was a Celtic refuge about 2,500 years ago, castellum A monastery was founded there during the Merovingian period and was donated to the Church of Saint Madeleine in 1237 by Countess Ermaindo. The door frame, the place of pilgrimage, dates from her 1611, but all that remains is the old church choir.

Trails, hiking and biking trails

you can take short walk In town to discover 175 years of hydrotherapy through photographic panels covering a distance of 2.5 km starting from the city hall.

there is also 6 marked trails within the area. Mondorf’s 10.9 km Blue Flag Circuit starts at the town hall and follows the French border through the city park, spas and fields to Altweis, visiting the ruins of a Roman fortress and the rococo St. Michael’s Church. increase.

Ellange has a 9.6 km pedestrian circuit that starts at the village railway station, follows the former railway line and enters a forest of circuits through beautiful historic homes.

The town of Mondorf has two historic walking routes. If you’re feeling energetic, take the 4-hour 12.4 km walk to the Schengen countries, passing through biodiversity and the Hough Leimich Nature Reserve along the way.

These walks lists include maps and pocket guides for walks in the Moselle region. here.

you can take Local 13.5km bike circuit It starts at the Town Hall and travels to the nearby villages of Elange and Altweis.of Jange Recycle Path PC7 follows a 12.5 km path through forests and vineyards to Lemisch.

You can do it rental cycle From the town’s tourist office at 26 avenue des Bains, €2 for the hour and €10 for the day. Child seats are available on request.

there are some playground If you want to stop by for the kids to play, it’s in and around Mondorf.

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