AIDTSEC 2021 promises a busy October with the Dead Sea-Jordan-new defense orders.strategy

AIDTSEC 2021 – Artificial intelligence at defense technology and cybersecurity exhibitions and conferences, SOFEX is the first species in Jordan to host the region on October 27 and 28, 2021 at the King Hussein Bintal Convention Center in the Dead Sea.

With AIDTSEC opening its doors to more than 70 official delegations from more than 34 countries, the exhibitors are expected to be incredibly exposed.

Cybersecurity directors of the military, government agencies, ministries, and CEOs of international and regional companies will attend the meeting. AIDTSEC provides international delegations and visitors with a good atmosphere to inform them of their capabilities in local and regional businesses and in the areas of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

To date, a strong line of speakers from regional and international corporate and government CEOs and key decision makers discuss the latest strategic and operational trends in the areas of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in defense technology. It’s a schedule.

The conference, which brings together participants at AIDTSEC 2021, will cover topics such as AI applications in defense systems and their impact on public security, swarm intelligence, the rise and challenge of cybersecurity, and Jordan’s DX strategy. .. Nation a Cyber ​​Leader? , AI deployment in border protection, and ethical applications of AI.

Some of the topics mentioned above are HE Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, AIDTSEC’s official cybersecurity partner, Ayman Mazahreh, co-founder and CEO of STS Arabia, and Conrad Prince CB of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Covered by senior advisors. Jamie Ryan Bugby, Deputy Director of Raytheon Cyber ​​Services. In addition, high-ranking Jordanian military personnel will be on stage to discuss new topics and trends in defense technology and autonomous systems and vehicles.

For more information, please visit the AIDTSEC website. AIDTSEC 2021 promises a busy October with the Dead Sea-Jordan-new defense orders.strategy

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