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Ailing beluga whale knocked down as last ditch rescue bid fails

A sick beluga whale that wandered into France’s Seine river was subdued yesterday by veterinarians after a last-ditch rescue attempt failed as his health deteriorated rapidly, local officials said.
The whale’s fate has captured the hearts of people all over the world since it was first discovered in a highly unusual habitat in the rivers of Paris, far from the normal Arctic Ocean.
Rescue teams worked overnight to lift males from the Seine by cranes to transfer them to saltwater pens in a volatile effort to save the lives of mammals that no longer feed.
It then traveled north at a painstakingly slow pace to the port of Ouistreham in Normandy, where veterinarians released the animals into harbor pens, hoping to release them into the wild if possible.
But after examining the beluga whales that arrived in Ouistrem, six veterans unanimously decided they had no choice but to dispose of the beluga whales, the Calvados region local authority said.
“Despite technical and logistical efforts, the cetacean condition unfortunately deteriorated during the trip,” it said.
“Examinations showed that the beluga was very weak and had no functioning respiratory activity. Therefore, in collaboration with veterinarians, the decision was made to euthanize him,” he added. .
After about six hours of work by dozens of divers and rescue teams, the 800kg cetacean was lifted from the river by nets and cranes around 4:00 am and taken to a barge under the immediate care of 12 veterinarians. was placed in
The 24 divers and rope rescuers involved had to make multiple attempts to lure the animals into the nets and out of the water.
The beluga whales were then given a medical examination and taken to Ouistrem.
“During the trip, the vet noticed a deterioration in his health, especially his breathing,” said local emergency service veterinarian Florence Olivee Courtois in a video posted on social media.
“The animal was not getting enough air and was visibly distressed.
It remains unclear why the beluga whale strayed south, and an autopsy could provide further clues about its condition, said Olivet Courtois.
The Sea Shepherd NGO, which has supported the rescue effort, said on Twitter that the rescue effort was “dangerous” but “essential” to give the animals a chance.
“As his condition worsened, the veterinarian decided to euthanize him.
This 4m whale was spotted en route to Paris over a week ago and ran aground about 130km inland from the English Channel in Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne, Normandy.
Since Friday, the animal has been prevented from moving inland by a lock about 70 kilometers northwest of Paris and has been in declining health after refusing to eat.
This is the second drama about large marine mammals in an unexpected region that has hit France in recent months.
A sick killer whale, also known as a killer whale, a member of the dolphin family, was found in the Seine in May, but died after an unsuccessful attempt to return the animal to the sea.
Interest in the fate of the beluga whales extends far beyond France, with donations and other assistance pouring in from conservation groups and individuals, officials said.
Beluga whales migrate south in autumn to feed as ice forms in their native Arctic waters, but they seldom venture that far.
The closest population of beluga whales is off the Svalbard archipelago north of Norway, 3,000 kilometers from the Seine, according to France’s Pelagis Observatory, which specializes in marine mammals.
The trapped whale is only the second beluga sighting in France. The first was pulled from the Loire estuary in 1948 by fishermen’s nets.

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