Air Force Formed T-50i Golden Eagle Collision Investigation Team

Magetan, East Java (ANTARA)-Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) investigates aircraft accidents on Monday (July 18) to investigate a recent crash of a T-50i Golden Eagle military aircraft in Blora, East Java. Established a committee.

Brigadier General Indan Gillan Burdansha, Director of Information at TNI AU, reported in a press statement received here on Tuesday that the investigation and aircraft evacuation process were all underway.

“The Air Force team from (Magetan’s) Iswajudi airfield flew to the accident site last night. Until this morning, the evacuation and safety process undertaken by our team is underway,” he said.

TNI AU also confirmed that Lieutenant Allan Safitra Indra Wahyudi, who piloted the aircraft for a training mission, died in a crash.

Wahidi, who graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2015 and the Air Force Aviation School in 2017, said his wife, who married in 2021, survived.

“This accident has left a deep scar (for all of us) not only on our families, but also on the Air Force, TNI, and the people of Indonesia,” Burdansha said.

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The Air Force thanked local police officers and residents for helping them evacuate at the crash site and called on them to immediately report any other debris found on the crashed aircraft.

The T-50i Golden Eagle aircraft, piloted by Wahiudi, lost contact earlier during a night flight training mission on Monday night. The TT-5009 tail number aircraft relayed the last radio contact at 7:07 pm local time (UTC +7).

The fate of the aircraft was sealed after it was confirmed that the debris found by local guards in the village of Ningil in the Cladenan district of Blora, Central Java, belonged to the lost T-50i Golden Eagle aircraft.

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