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The aunt of the victim of the accident believes that her niece is still alive if the rescuer pays more attention to her.

The Bahamas, Nassau — Survivors of a plane crash on Long Island dying friend Alesia Newbold’s body to escape the rubble the moment the Piper PA-31 aircraft goes down and is horribly disoriented. Crawled around.

Patsy Higgs is currently complaining of broken ribs, bruising his back and pain in his limbs.

She said the doctor prescribed her “medicines and inhibitors”.

Yesterday, when Alesia’s body gathered with New Bold’s family at Odyssey Airport to arrive in New Providence from Long Island, she could hardly walk and needed help to move.

Higgs and his family were not comforted because the young mother’s body was placed in a hearse.

They said New Bold was calling his boyfriend when the plane fell and shouted “my baby” because she was believed to be some of the last words. ..

“Before we crashed, she was leaning forward and saying something about the door,” Higgs wept. Witness news..

“She was pointing at the door, she couldn’t see.

“She was behind the plane and couldn’t see the front like us.

“She leaned forward, she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.”

The Higgs said the trials were horrifying.

“She wasn’t behind me when the plane crashed,” she said.

“She was sitting behind me. I thought she crawled in front of me, and when I crawled, I crawled over her.

“She was lying there, she seemed to be in pain, I tried to move her, but the pilot came and he checked her, and he said she was okay Told.

Relatives of Alesia Newbold, the victim of the accident, are waiting for her body to arrive from Long Island

“Her eyes were a little open, so I thought she was unconscious. He said she was unconscious. The pilot said she was unconscious, so she still breathes. Was. “

According to Higgs, the group, including pilots Bradley Makfi, Near Bethel Sears, Leanka Rigby, Rhiannon Thompson and Alicia Roll, tried to stay as far away from the smoking area as possible.

They tried to get through the bushes, but had a hard time getting through the bushy swamps.

“… because it was so many bushes that we really couldn’t get through,” Higgs said.

“We had to break the branches to get through, and they told us to keep going and go as far as possible from the plane.

“I wanted to go back, but they told me I couldn’t go back, and he came and said she was okay, she’s okay.”

“A few hours later,” Higgs said the pilot began screaming that Newbold was suffering.

The rescuer later put the Higgs on a stretcher.

Shortly after taking off on Long Island on Sunday, a plane crashed into a thick bush, killing one passenger and injuring six others.

“I was very scared,” she said. “And I asked them if she would leave her, and I told them not to leave her.

“We had to go, and they say they had to leave her.”

Relatives overwhelmed by Newbold’s sorrow believe that when the rescuers arrived at the scene, they were too worried about the daughter of Alfred Sears, Minister of Labor and Utilities.

Newbold’s aunt, a woman who calls herself Resa, believes that her niece is still alive if the rescuer pays more attention to her.

Higgs said: “When the rescue team came, we tried to crawl through the bushes. One of the men, where is the daughter of Minister Sears? And Lelee (Alethia) was on the ground. She Wasn’t working. She told me she was okay. “

Resa said her niece should have received more attention.

“When you go to a scene where a person is injured, this is sitting, this is standing, this can talk, that is, they [somewhat] It’s okay, “she said.

“People who aren’t lively and don’t move, why can’t they check them first?

“Do you feel like they aren’t anyone? Do you feel they don’t have enough money?

Dr. Hubert Minis, MP of Killarney.

“It’s because they come to the scene with a plane crash and a bunch of Bahamian women they have a family, and are you looking for a single child?”

She continued. “Only his daughter? Do you walk on the person standing on the ground and go to the person standing?”

During the trial, former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minis learned about the plane crash after discussing the members’ issues with Sears.

Minis later spoke with one of the survivors, Alicia Roll, to help provide care and appreciation to Sears’ daughter.

Minis said Witness news He didn’t know the woman was the daughter of Sears.

He claimed that Sears was worried about all the happiness of the plane, not just his daughter.

“(Sears) was worried about everyone,” he said on Sunday.

“I hear people say he’s only worried about his daughter, but that wasn’t true.”

Investigators from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch continue to investigate the crash.

Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper said yesterday that he hopes the report will be expedited to provide answers to families, survivors and the Bahamian people. Airplane crash survivors talk about horror and panic – Eye Witness News

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