Akeritou’s unfinished building is a health hazard

Akeritou’s abandoned, unfinished building attracts rodents and snakes, community leader Michalis Kaunas said Wednesday, calling on relevant authorities to step in and clear out the complex.

In the last 12 years, three large complexes of about 40 housing units each were abandoned in rural areas, resulting in rats, other rodents and snakes being found on the premises and a threat to local residents. It became a source of infection because it posed a health risk. .

A particular complex involves a development that was left unfinished due to financial problems the developer had with the bank, Kaunas told the Cyprus News Agency.

However, “financial institutions don’t care about the cleanliness of these complexes, so they are overgrown with weeds and trees.”

He added that community councils lack financial resources, estimated at around €30,000 to €40,000, to clean up these complexes and bill the owners, who will forward the bills to banks. I was.

Additionally, these complexes are vulnerable to possible earthquakes, wind pressures and even temperature changes. Kaounas said the buildings also show carbon dioxide corrosion and oxidation of the steel structures.

“Somebody has to make a decision and ensure the cleanliness of these areas, which are directly related to the health and safety of the residents,” said the community leader, who plans to contact the relevant authorities to highlight the issue. I added that there is.

The abandoned building could be repaired and used to host young couples, Kaonas said.

Under the jurisdiction of the Acheritou Community Council are the occupied Acheritou Villages, Vrysoulles, and the Ayios Georgios Refugee Settlement.

 Akeritou’s unfinished building is a health hazard

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