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Al-Farsi submits park-and-ride proposals to alleviate traffic crisis

City council member and engineer Alia Al-Farsi introduces global ‘park and ride’ system as one of mass transit modes, applying 3rd strategy to Kuwait 2040 Fourth Structural Plan I suggested

A local Arabic-language daily reported that Al-Farsi, in a letter forwarded to the city council president, said the idea of ​​a global ‘park and ride’ project would reduce traffic congestion and solve the problem of mass transit. I quoted you mentioning that it is one of the Prevent environmental pollution by allocating land or space to state administrative districts to serve their purpose.

This will also help solve the future vision of the country, which is translated into a vision of transforming Kuwait into a financial and commercial center through the application of the 3rd Strategy in the State of Kuwait’s Fourth Structural Plan. .

Al-Farsi pointed out that the idea of ​​the project relies on distributing service points in a specific and thoughtful way to six areas covering all administrative districts, noting that in the future service points said to have the potential to increase

Provided that beneficiaries of this “park and ride” service park their own vehicles, if necessary, the project will provide multi-storey parking, in addition to allocating some space for commercial activities. It consists of a car park, a dedicated bus stop, and rest areas for men and women. Board a high-efficiency bus at the parking lot and use the services and breaks to get to and from the facility within the specified schedule.

In its project proposal, Al-Farsi identified six meeting points for its “park and ride” service.

— Khalidiya branch with an area of ​​14,842 m2

— Adairiya Shop “P3 Parking” 7,441㎡

— Jabriya branch with an area of ​​6000.1 m2

— South Sabahiya area 10,030 m2

— 13,835 m2 of West Abu Fatilla Craft Area (formerly Qurain Markets)

— Jahra area with an area of ​​13,674 square meters.

Al-Farsi stated that the proposed components of a collective ‘point’ location would include multi-storey car parks not exceeding 80% of the land area, bus stops not exceeding 15% of the land area, and rest areas for service beneficiaries. said to be included. Space for commercial activities not exceeding 5% of the land area.

Al-Farsi said the proposal was made in light of increasing urban development and growth and increasing pressure on state-run facilities such as universities, ministries, service centers and entertainment venues.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/al-farsi-submits-park-and-ride-proposal-to-reduce-the-traffic-crisis/ Al-Farsi submits park-and-ride proposals to alleviate traffic crisis

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