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Al-Shabaab carries out a deadly attack near Mogadishu in Somalia

Al-Shabaab killed at least seven people when they fought government security forces in the northern town of the capital.

The country’s president has suspended the prime minister’s authority this week on suspicion of corruption. (Reuters)

Somali al-Shabaab fighters killed at least seven people in an attack on the northern town of the capital Mogadishu.

Police and residents in Ballad, 30 kilometers north of Mogadishu, said al-Qaeda-linked group fighters attacked and runaway government troops guarding the bridge at the entrance to the town early Thursday.

“We were praying at the mosque when the shootouts were fierce on the bridge, and al-Shabaab occupied the town and overtook the soldiers on the bridge,” said Hassan Null, the owner of Ballad. Told.

“There were few police in the town. The police were missing. People rushed into their house when the shooting began. I had five dead soldiers and two civilian women. I counted, “he added.

Police captain Farah Ali said the fighter stayed in town temporarily after the attack, but then left.

“Al-Shabaab didn’t come to our station, but in battle they occupied the entire town and left without patrols,” Ali said.

“I understand that about eight people, including soldiers, have died,” he added.

Al-Shabaab aims to overthrow the government and impose a strict interpretation of Islamic law. It frequently carries out gun and bomb attacks on civilians as well as security forces and government targets. It also targets the African Union peacekeepers.

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In the midst of political conflict, Somalia’s Mogadishu is in a tense calm.

Increasing political tension

Somalia, whose central government has been limited since 1991, is trying to rebuild itself with the help of the United Nations.

The United Nations and other nations have called on Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed to resolve political disputes that distract them from the fight against rebels.

The president suspended the prime minister’s authority on Monday on suspicion of corruption. The prime minister said it was a coup attempt because he asked all security forces to receive orders from his office.

Mohammed also ordered the suspension of the Navy commander of the country, where the Prime Minister had previously accused the Prime Minister of acquiring land and misusing public land.

The two also blamed each other for the long delays in the ongoing parliamentary elections.

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Somali president suspends prime minister in election spats

Source: Reuters

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