Alaska Salmon Live Update: Seattle Copper River Salmon Land

The 2022 Alaska salmon season has officially begun. In other words, full-season coverage will begin.

The first, as always, is the Copper River salmon season. The overall flow of salmon isn’t as big as hype.

However, according to the Alaska Fish Games Authority (ADF & G), catches in the Copper River area this year are expected to improve significantly from last season, with sockeye salmon yields reaching 716,000, more than 75%. It is expected to jump up. 2021.

However, the 2021 season is not a high standard to pass. Last year’s commercial Copper River sockeye salmon catch was 408,000, 68% below the pre-season forecast of 1.29 million, well below the 10-year average.

Tuesday, May 17, 11:50 am PST

The initial catch is

As of May 16, Tongchuan fishermen have caught 15,545 fish. In the opening round of the first season, 2,706 king salmon and 12,800 sockeye salmon were captured. There were a total of 384 deliveries. This is about four times as much king salmon and about 44% sockeye salmon as caught in the first opener last year.

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However, the catch of Cham was 39, a decrease of about 78% compared to the previous opener.

The water remains frozen, but Rich Wheeler, one of the owners of 60 North Seafoods owned by Cordoba fishermen, said: Intrafish Fishing was decent for the first opener.

“It wasn’t like’Oh my god’, it was bad,” he said. “It was a good time for fishing.”


Tuesday, May 17th, 8:45 am PST

Copper River flies

More details are beginning to enter this morning about the first Alaska Airlines flight that carried Alaska Airlines cargo from Cordoba to Seattle for £ 17,200.

This is the first of many shipments expected this season and is currently running until September.

The festive “first fish” sponsored by Copper River Seafood this year weighed 30 pounds.

According to the company’s communications and sustainability, Peter Adam, a leading seafood wholesaler in the western United States, Ruth America Foods will be the first Copper River of the season at its factory in Fif, Washington, on the outskirts of Seattle on Tuesday. I will receive salmon. Manager.

“Salmon is our top product in Ruth America and we are thrilled to have cargo space for this” first fish “flight,” he said. Intrafish.. “Our factory is within 30 minutes from the airport. We will serve some of this first salmon to customers in the Seattle area, including stores such as Safeway, Gemini Fish Market, Pacific Northwest Best, and other companies such as the Woodmark Hotel. , Metropolitan Grill, The Mill. “


Monday, May 16th, 7:05 pm PST

First delivery, no valid price yet reported

The first delivery of Copper River salmon struck a processing company yesterday afternoon. Outboard prices per pound have not been reported, but a keen market awaits. This should lead to strong land prices.

This is the first delivery by OBI Seafood, a salon operator at Cook and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) in Cordova, Alaska.


Monday, May 16 4:25 pm PST

Copper River salmon is already approaching $ 1,000 per fish

Customers will have another year to get some of the first Copper River salmon as the company waits for the first shipment from the Prince William Sound Salmon Season Opener in Alaska.

High price Never stopped shoppers at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Fish Market And even though inflation has shrunk consumer wallets this spring, they certainly won’t do so this year.

Read the full text here.


Monday, May 16th, 8:30 am PST

Do fish that affect the ice run?

The fisherman Intrafish The icy river conditions can impede the flow of copper river salmon to fishermen’s nets, despite the beautiful weather.

“The first two hours were barely produced,” said long-time Cordoba fisherman Bill Webber. Intrafish.. “I had two little kings and one sockeye salmon.”


Monday, May 16 8:17 am PST

Let’s start the game

The Copper River salmon season has officially begun.Fishermen have netted, said Peter Hepfner, a longtime fisherman who provides products from the fishing industry to Trident Seafood. Intrafish..

“It’s amazing weather,” he said, with a clear clear sky and calm water for fishing.

The boat is still heading towards the water. The first day of fishing can always be a little game.

“Sometimes these first openers can be slim,” he said. “I had 2-5 reds (sockeye salmon) in the past. If I get 15, I’ll be happy.”

Peter Hephuner, a longtime cordova fisherman who participated in the first day of the 2022 Prince William Sound salmon fishery. Photo: Peter Hoepfner


Friday, May 14th 10:00 am PST

Controlling inflation, buyers are eager for copper river salmon

Buyers seem keen to buy the first copper river salmon, even though inflation is pushing up the price of seafood-even if it’s expensive.

“We definitely plan to buy it and make it available to our customer base,” Matthew Davis, said. Seafood buyers from Shamrock Foods, a US distributor, Intrafish.. “There’s a fair amount of chatter from customers about it-so I think demand is certainly there.”

The Small Copper River Fleet consists of independent fishermen operating small 32-foot boats. The fishing opener is Monday.


Friday, May 14th, 9am PST

How many Alaskan salmon were caught last year?

Well, there were some bumps during the season, but things ended up with a much brighter note than in 2020.

The total yield of all species of commercial salmon fishery in 2021 was approximately $ 643.9 million (€ 618.7 million), a significant increase from $ 295.2 million (€ 283.7 million) in 2020. ..

According to the Alaska Fish Games Authority (ADFG), a total of 233.8 million fish have been harvested, an increase of more than 98% from 116.8 million in 2020. Of this total, sockeye salmon account for about 56% of the total, at $ 361.4 million (€ 347.3 million), and 24% of the harvest at just under 57 million.

Pink salmon accounted for about 28% of the value at $ 178.8 million (€ 171.8 million), and less than 161 million fish accounted for 69% of the yield.

To dig deeper into last season, our 2021 Alaska Salmon Blog to Track All Developments.. Alaska Salmon Live Update: Seattle Copper River Salmon Land

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