Alaskan children drank floor sealants instead of milk. How did it happen?

After drinking what they thought was milk, about 12 toddlers in Alaska’s child care program reported that the liquid tasted bad and burned their throats. On Wednesday, school officials announced that “milk” was actually a floor sealant. NBC News..

news: At SitʼEeti Shaanáx̱-Glacier Valley Elementary in Juneau, Alaska, it is reported that during the summer program, about 12 children and 2 adults were provided with a floor sealant that was mistaken for milk. Associated Press..

  • It is believed that confusion was caused by the chemical pouches being stacked on the same pallet as the milk pouches. Juneau Empire..
  • “I don’t know what happened, but they were all on the same pallet,” said Bridget Weiss. Business insider..
  • “The pallet was delivered, and we thought it was delivered, so it was assumed to be milk.”

Investigation: According to police, the case was just an accident and there was no suspicion of criminal activity.

  • However, police will lead the investigation into this case. “Not because I believe there is crime or malice at this point, but I want to do a thorough investigation of what happened and how it happened. They are trained investigators. Weiss said Associated Press..

fine: By school standards, only low-risk chemicals can be used in buildings. CBS News report.

  • “That was also true for sealants, so the students are doing well,” Wyeth said.Some students were angry, but the majority of them feel good, he says. CBS..

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https://www./u-s-world/2022/6/17/23171438/alaska-children-drink-floor-sealant-instead-of-milk-juneau Alaskan children drank floor sealants instead of milk. How did it happen?

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