Alburys is open water certified.Georgette is the first Bahamian woman – Nassau Guardian

Former CARIFTA Swimming Team Manager and local swimming enthusiast Georgette Albury became the first FINA-certified open water official in Bahama to pass the FINA Technical School for Open Water Official course in Toronto. Obtained that certification. Canada last weekend.

Georgette’s husband, Kendrick Olbury, has also received his certification and has become a FINA-certified open water official. Algernon Cargill, President of the Bahamas Aquatics Federation, has been recertified three times in a row. Mancer Roberts was the fourth Bahamian to be certified last weekend. Cargill and Roberts were officers of the 2022 CARIFTA Open Water Championship in Carlisle Bay, Barbados in April.

Both Cargill and Roberts are on the approved FINA Open Water Official List. Kendric and Georgette Albury will be approved on the FINA list at a later date based on their experience. This could be as early as next year, according to Cargill. Georgette said he is looking forward to supporting the growth of open water arms in aquatic life.

“I am delighted to be the first FINA-certified woman in the Bahamas,” Albury said. “Being FINA certified as an open water official means that we can work with other FINA qualified officials to promote the growth of open water and aquatic life as a whole. Until this weekend, FINA certified open There were only two water officials, but now there are four. “

As officers, Kendrick and Georgette Olbury can serve as referees, referees, starters, turn judges, or safety officers, to name a few. Cargill said she was proud that Georgette was the first Bahamian woman to feature the mantle as a FINA-certified open water official.

“We are excited that Georgette Albury is the first woman in the Bahamas to become a FINA-certified open water official. It shows the equality of our sport and has all the rights and opportunities for women to become FINA officials. So it shows that we are promoting a woman. She is doing well in the Toronto class and I am completely happy with her performance.

Federation is certainly evolving. We include women not only in the number of referees, but also in the overall development of the sport, “Cargill said.

Georgette Olbury wants more people to be involved not only in open water, but also in other aspects of aquatic life.

Open water swimming differs from pool swimming because the race is aimed at long distances. The distance between CARIFTA and CCCAN (Central American and Caribbean Amateur Swimming Federation) for open water swimming is 5 and 10 kilometers, while the distance for the World Open Water Swimming Championships is 5, 10 and 25 kilometers. Swimmers also encounter outdoor elements such as jellyfish, seaweed, and waves from the sea.

The Bahamas did not compete in this year’s CARIFTA Open Water Championship, but Georgette Albury hopes that the Bahamas will be able to compete in future competitions, especially here with more FINA certified officers. She expects more open water to meet locally.

There has been no open water swimming in the Bahamas since the local sport was stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The future is too distant. Alburys is open water certified.Georgette is the first Bahamian woman – Nassau Guardian

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