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Aldar-owned Provis will achieve Dhs 2.4m worth of energy and utility savings in the first half of 2022

Provis, a full-service real estate company owned by Aldar, announced significant energy and utility savings in the first half of 2022.

Savings are estimated at 2.4 million Dhs in Abu Dhabi’s 13 managed residential communities and 3 retail destinations.

The company reported using cold water and energy optimization initiatives to reduce carbon emissions by more than 5,000 tonnes and save more than 4 million kWh of energy. This is enough to power nearly 600 rural homes for six months.

The installation of energy-efficient heat pumps in place of older natural gas boilers for domestic water central heating systems was one of the major contributors to energy savings.

HP Aengaar, CEO of Provis, said: Over the years, we have implemented several sustainability projects and programs, resulting in significant energy savings and positive impacts on the environment. “

Aengaar said: “We are adopting a number of energy and utility management programs throughout our portfolio to improve efficiency and reduce the carbon impact of each community by modernizing and digitizing our asset infrastructure. Will reduce overall energy consumption by 5% over the next two years and will be in line with UAE Net-Zero’s strategic initiative by 2050. “

Other energy-saving measures implemented include the installation of a cloud-based real-time building management system that collects data instantly and automatically detects failures, reduces operating costs and energy costs, and combines with various system optimization initiatives. And cool weather to reduce cold water consumption. These include the installation of weather-based irrigation systems, the aerator of washbasin water mixers, the optimization of differential pressure settings for cold water systems, the optimization of the temperature supply of outside air treatment units, and the replacement of existing lighting with energy. Complemented-Efficient LED.

Earlier this year, Provis marked Earth Hour by turning off all unwanted lighting for an hour in 70 residential areas and retail destinations in the United Arab Emirates, with over 8,800kWh of electricity and 4,000kg. The amount equivalent to CO2 has been reduced.

https://gulfbusiness.com/aldar-owned-provis-achieves-energy-and-utility-savings-worth-dhs2-4m-in-h1-2022/ Aldar-owned Provis will achieve Dhs 2.4m worth of energy and utility savings in the first half of 2022

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