Alesund’s point of view: climb the stairs of Axula

Visitors to Alesund are keen to climb the stairs to Mount Axula and enjoy the iconic views of the beautiful coastal town below. Here’s everything you need to know about a walk.

Visiting Alesund is always a pleasure. One of Norway’s most distinctive towns, Alesund has a fascinating history and architecture in a truly spectacular natural environment.

Axla's perspective in Alesund, Norway

Someone who is vaguely familiar Alesund You will know the symbolic image of the town taken from above. The shot was taken from Mount Axula at the top of a hill overlooking the center of town. It’s not that high at 180 meters above sea level, but the scenery is still spectacular.

What is less obvious from the famous photographs is that the views from other directions are almost as spectacular. No matter how many times you look at the pictures, the nearly 270 degree view from the terrace at the top of the hill is worth a visit.

To visit, you can drive or take the steep stone stairs up Mt. Axula. Those who take the 418 stone steps will certainly be rewarded, but it’s not for everyone.

Watch a walk to Aksla’s point of view

If you prefer to see rather than read, don’t worry! This is a video of the entire walk to give you a feel for what you expect. fun!

Did you enjoy the video?If you like walking video style, there are many more Our youtube channel.. Now, read the details of the walk.

Byparken: City Park

The walk begins in Alesund’s city park, which is popular with dog walkers. Here you can find a statue of the Rollo Vikings along with some benches for a break before starting the walk.

Lolo of the Viking statue of Alesund by Parken.
Lolo the Vikings, Vikings.

There are several hiking trails starting from the park. Follow the signs for “Fjellstua” and make sure you are taking the right one. The road begins with a sloping paved road through a pleasant forest area.

The start of a paved trail to Aksla in Byparken, Alesund.

On sunny days, there are many locals and tourists on the route. This is especially true if you have a cruise ship in town.

Climb the stairs

A few years ago, the old procedure was replaced. The new stone steps are much stronger and less slippery than if it had recently rained. There are also railings along many of the trails.

Stone steps on the Axla Trail in Alesund.

There are perspectives at several points along the trail. Some are just for viewing, while others are for highlighting historic buildings such as this cannon and sculpture. There are also several benches along the sidewalk.

This is all very useful as you will have to hold your breath a few times. Of course, it didn’t seem to be so much to the frustration of exhausted parents, as your child seemed to be free to climb up and down the stairs!

Mount Axla Trail Canon.

But taking a break is an important part of the experience. The focus is on different elements, so the view changes depending on the altitude.

If you’re wondering how close you are to the top, you’ll see numbers in a few steps to tell you how far you’ve gone. Keep an eye out for the white building at the top. That is your ultimate destination.

Perspectives, cafes, restaurants

The cafe at the top of the stairs, known as Fjellstua, is a great end. You can get an insanely popular ice cream on a sunny day! Some restaurants offer views, but if you want to enjoy your meal, it’s worth booking a table.

View of Alesund from Fjellstua from Aksla's point of view.
View from Fjellstua at the top of Aksla.

I enjoyed eating at a restaurant a few years ago, but of course there is a charge for the location. My recommendation is to enjoy the ice cream with a view and then have dinner at one of the many great restaurants in the city.

On the top floor of the café is a wraparound terrace with the best views of Alesund and the surrounding islands. Previously you had to pay to access the terrace, but nowadays it seems to be open to everyone.

Is it difficult to climb the stairs of Aksla?

As with many outdoor attractions in Norway, climbing stairs requires a moderate level of physical fitness. This isn’t the same as a few hours of hiking, but the Axla Trail is difficult and partly very steep.

Stone steps on the Aksla trail to Fjellstua.

It’s true that there are over 400 steps to Aksla, but the trail begins with a sloping paved path. This is a steep slope, so from reaching the park itself to reaching the first step, it climbed much more than the equivalent of 400 steps.

To give you an idea of ​​how comfortable you can take a walk, I have included you some pictures from the steps. You can get even better ideas by watching the video above.

Is it worth a visit?

In a nutshell, that’s right! Of course, the scenery looks great in photos, but it’s almost impossible to recreate the panoramic experience you can actually experience online.

If you want to access this article or aren’t keen on the steps, don’t worry. If you have a cruise ship in the harbor, parking can be an issue due to the tour bus, but you can drive to the point of view.

There is also a tourist road-based’City train‘In Alesund, which calls the point of view throughout the summer. It’s expensive, but it’s a great solution if you have limited mobility. It’s perfect not only for viewpoints, but also for those who board a cruise ship that goes around the center of town. Alesund’s point of view: climb the stairs of Axula

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