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Alexa will soon speak in the voice of your dead relatives -Doha News

Hey Alexa, can’t you?

Amazon’s smart speaker, Alexa, is on track to develop a feature that mimics the voice of a deceased loved one.

Starting with selling books online, the company is now investing to become the creepiest tech company to date.

Although the purpose of the function is to relieve the pain of losing a loved one.

Controversial ability

In a demo during the Amazon re: Mars meeting, a child can be seen asking Alexa, “Can my grandmother finish reading the Wizard of Oz?” Following this, in Alexa’s typical voice, she says “OK,” and then begins reading her book in the voice of her deceased grandmother.

“AI can’t get rid of the pain of that loss, but it can definitely make their memory last longer,” Amazon said.

However, many are anxious about this function, which in turn has the opposite effect, suggesting that it makes it harder for people to mourn and leads to a delusional life.

Voice assistants need to record voice with human voice. This can be less than a minute. Next, you will learn to reproduce the voice itself. This process is called deep faking and has been common for several years with AI-generated video clips.

Deepfake videos have been scrutinized because they can be used to generate fake videos that show the faces of others. Deepfake audio can be criticized as well.

Just hours before Amazon’s announcement, Microsoft released a set of ethical AI rules. This includes strict regulations on deepfake audio because it is “easy to imagine how it can be used to improperly disguise a speaker and deceive listeners.”

This is not the first AI project aimed at extending the attributes of people’s posthumous beings.was there Projects created as early as 2018 Here, we’ve created an AI chatbot that can respond in the same way that passers-by were talking before.

Photos, old conversations, and souvenirs are reminiscent of the deceased, but do not try to “revive” them. However, AI is now being used as a tool to mimic the lives of the deceased.

but why?

Losing a loved one is arguably one of the most painful experiences humans can endure. As technology deepens our connections and gets to know more people, we are now more likely to experience this pain than others have experienced in the past.

Despite all the technological advances of mankind, we cannot really alleviate this suffering. You may come up with something in the future, but you may not be able to do it. Attempts to mimic the existence of a dead person may seem like a pain-relieving remedy, but if anything, they can prolong it.

It’s not just the death of a loved one that we can’t deal with. According to a survey by YouGov Almost half of the British are afraid of death, And similar results are observed worldwide. Amazon co-founder and Alexa maker Jeff Bezos himself is working on “treating mortality.”

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