“Algarve’s largest retail park” to open in Alcantarilha on June 10th

The Sud Este Retail Park, known as the “Large Retail Park in the Algarve,” will open this Friday. June 10 AlcantalillaSylves.

The new commercial outlets are located near the main western roundabouts of Alcantarilha on the EN125 road and near the A22 highway access road.

It will be a feature 19 storesContinente Bom Dia supermarket, Burger King restaurant, upholstery stores such as Hôma and Espaço Casa, Rádio’s popular electronics store, Sport Zone store and more.

A Special campaign to celebrate the opening It will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.For all €25 shoppers spend In the retail park, they Lottery to win over 700 prizes..

“We believe that such a project is making a positive difference in the region and creating hundreds of jobs,” said Vítor Rocha, CEO of Retail Mind, the Spanish developer behind the new retail park. Says.

The retail park was designed by the building and engineering company Work3 and built by Telhabel Construções.

Sudoeste Retail Park is open daily from 9am to 10pm.

To Michael Bruxo “Algarve’s largest retail park” to open in Alcantarilha on June 10th

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