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Alisha Moopen, Vice President of Astor DM Healthcare

The last two years have been the toughest in the recent medical history, where pandemics have caused havoc in healthcare systems around the world. Aster DM Healthcare remains at the epicenter of pandemic management, serving a large number of Covid-19-positive patients seeking care with us across countries and working with the government to address the crisis. Covid management protocol has been strategically implemented and implemented.

Covid has hit our business hard, but we needed to get it up and running and in some cases expand its capacity to serve and support as many people as possible. This allows us to adapt quickly, innovate, introduce new solutions, and optimize for maximum operational efficiency. 2021 proved to be a positive year for Aster, where many of these strategies were implemented, and is now on the path to ensuring quality health care that is sustainable and accessible to all. is.

The use of digital transformation and technology has become an integral part of core operations due to the adoption of efficiency measures. For example, we introduced the E-ICU model during peak pandemics and blockades. This has enabled the gathering of the best paramedics across different countries’ businesses to form a central expert hub for providing the best medical care to a large number of people. Of severely ill Covid-19 patients. Similarly, during the second surge in India, GCC’s more than 100 Aster doctors to provide free remote consultation to India-based Covid-19 patients who had no access to medical care. I came.

All of us at Astor believe that technology, the correct use of technology, will be a powerful transformant in healthcare, but the current wave of quick service companies, restaurants and supermarkets that drive healthcare is not a step forward. think.

It’s uneasy to see people selling services that wipe homes or use cotton swabs with the same service menu. Our desire for convenience is important, but access to quality medical care that people can trust is paramount. It is also important for the health partner to review the patient’s complete history and gain a complete picture of the patient, supporting the patient’s health journey, rather than a temporary intervention to access care.

This is where the seamless omni-channel integration approach becomes very important and important for the future of health care. And only organizations that truly position your well-being and convenience as a complementary impetus can withstand the wrathful challenges of this new health technology boom we see.

Opportunities are endless, but don’t allow healthcare to be sold as a product. Health is the most powerful and dynamic state of existence, and we at Aster are excited about the power of technology in the hands of appropriate healthcare providers to change the rules of care for better results and service levels. ..

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