All 20 Senate Foreign Relations Committee Resigns-English

(ANSA)-May 4 Rome-Senator of the Five Star Movement (M5S), who resigned on Wednesday and is sticking to his post despite a political storm, with all 20 members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee resigning. About his position on the conflict in Ukraine that deported Vito Petrocelli.

Prior to his major resignation, Petrocelli said, “I will not resign because I feel that I represent the Constitution. It is the will of the Italians who no longer represent political parties in Congress.”

“We respect the peace and international dialogue pledges we made with voters in 2018,” said Petrocelli, who opposed the government’s aid package, including military aid, after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Petrocelli accused M5S-backed Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government of becoming an “interventionist” in the Ukrainian war, and said in March he would vote against the cabinet in all future confidence votes.

Last month, M5S leader Giuseppe Conte announced his expulsion from the Petrocelli movement after Senator posted a controversial tweet on the eve of April 25. Russia invades Ukraine.


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