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All parties want UP votes on time: CEC

Lucknow: Election Commission Chairman Ssilchandra said Thursday that all political parties in Uttar Pradesh want to hold parliamentary elections on schedule while ensuring the Covid protocol.

The CEC also urged the state to step up coronavirus vaccination.

He said the number of polling stations will increase and voting time will be extended by an hour.

Some parties have also expressed concern about hate speech, paid news, and “biased” officials, Chandra said.

During a three-day visit to Lucknow to consider preparing for an election scheduled by mid-March, Chandra held a series of meetings with party representatives, state and district level officials.

On December 23, the Allahabad High Court proposed that the federal government postpone the Uttar Pradesh state parliamentary elections due to the possibility of the third Covid wave led by Omicron.

“It is said that 86% of people in the state received the first dose and 49% received the second dose of the Covid vaccine. Within 15 to 20 days, all eligible people received the first dose. I am guaranteed to receive it. I requested more vaccinations. ” He told reporters on the last day of his visit.

He said the number of polling booths in the state would increase by 11,000 to maintain proper social distance due to the pandemic.

“Previously, booths were created for 1,500 voters, but with Covid’s pandemic in mind, the number of voters in each booth was reduced to 1,250, so the number of polling booths was reduced. That’s an increase of 11,000, which will result in a total of 1,74,351 polling booths, “he said.

Chandra said voting time would increase by an hour across the state, in addition to the areas where Naxalite is endemic.

Voting officials will be vaccinated and qualified individuals will be given booster vaccinations, he said.

Thermal scanners, disinfectants and masks will be installed at all polling stations and special care will be taken to maintain social distance and proper disinfection, he said.

He said all polling stations would work according to the COVID-19 protocol.

For the first time, elderly people over the age of 80, people with disabilities, and people affected by COVID-19 will be provided with an alternative facility to sit at home and vote by mail.

If they want to come to the polling place to vote, they are welcomed, otherwise the committee will arrive at their doorstep, he said.

A list of all such voters is passed to the political parties and the video shooting team goes to their home.

During this time, he said, care would be taken to keep the voting secret.

The CEC said some parties expressed concern about election rallies that did not follow the coronavirus protocol and called for control of the number of rallies.

Apart from this, he said, some political parties complained about some “biased” attitudes of the executive branch and police.

Political party representatives have also expressed concern over hate speech and paid news, emphasizing that the Commission has promised a smooth, simple and free-of-tempt voting process.

Chandra said there is a polling place managed by at least 800 women. He said a mobile application named “CVIGIL” was launched to prevent voting fraud.

He ensures that people who may cause turmoil do not enter from neighboring states or across national borders, and that 24-hour surveillance of all border posts is done with the help of CCTV cameras. Said that it was sought after.

He said the electoral list would be published on January 5.

Voters may file claims and objections until the final day of submission of the nomination. To date, the number of voters in the state is over 1.5 billion rupees.

According to Chandra, it includes new voters of Rs 528,000 so far, which is a record in itself. This includes female voters of Rs 288,600, he said.

According to the General Election Commission, about 198,900 rupees of the new voters are in the age group of 18 to 19 years old, which is three times as much as the previous time.

To maintain transparency, webcasting takes place at polling stations over Rs 10,000.

VVPAT machines will be installed at all polling stations along with electronic voting machines, and the VVPAT slips of at least five polling stations of each parliamentary member will match the number of EVMs, as directed by the Supreme Court.

Chandra said he would increase turnout, identifying low-percentage locations and increasing awareness-related activities there.

He added that each member had 10, 4,030 model polling booths.

When asked if there was a protocol during the campaign, or if the committee was considering banning or rationalizing large political rallies, he would definitely say this once the election was announced. He said it would be considered.

He said detailed guidelines will be issued, taking into account all the necessary points.

In response to another question regarding the High Court’s proposal to change the election date in light of Covid’s circumstances, the CEC said it would also pay attention to everything, including the court’s appeal.

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