All restrictions on entry into Croatia have been lifted


Zagreb, May 4, 2022 – All restrictions adopted during the coronavirus pandemic on the Croatian border are now invalid, the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed: N1 on Monday.

Some of the remaining restrictions on crossing borders, which were in effect until April 30, were not extended. That is, there are currently no epidemiological restrictions.

At the beginning of April, EU citizens no longer need to present their COVID pass. This means that EU citizens can enter Croatia without any requirements. People arriving from other countries had to pass the COVID or have a negative test, but are now removed.

“Entry into the Republic of Croatia is permitted without meeting the epidemiological conditions under the entry conditions that were valid before the COVID-19 epidemic, that is, the conditions stipulated by the Schengen Border Law, Alien Law, etc. “The Croatian Ministry of Interior said in a statement: N1..

The only measure still in place in the country is to require the wearing of protective masks in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and health-related facilities.

In addition, staff of social welfare facilities that provide accommodation services for the elderly, people with disabilities and visitors are required to wear masks.

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