‘All scenarios are open’ as police confirm part of a body found last week belongs to missing Sandra Andrade

Victim identified by distinctive tattoo on forearm

All scenarios are open (within the context of a murder) as the police attempt to reconstruct the arduous process. The Last Days of Sandra Andrade – 49 year old TVDE (Uber type) driver and tour guide Decaying body parts were found hidden in a suitcase last week A stone wall near the village of San Lourenço near Almancil.

Ann Cause of death could not be determined at autopsy – The theory that Ms. Andrade may have died of suffocation is “under consideration.”

Reports say it wasn’t even possible to confirm if Sandra Andrade died soon after After her disappearance in June – The situation only adds to the distress of friends and family.

For now, a forensic examination of the suitcase is underway, and police are trying to determine where it was purchased.

The area where the incident was discovered is also being “investigated” to see if it can give any clues as to who hid it and/or who was responsible for the murder.

The ‘main scenario’ that is open is that the death is related to the death of Sandra Andrade private lifeor to her professional activity (often hired in much the same way as taxi drivers).

The vehicle used by the victim was found days after it went missing. Inside was a mobile phone, which was not immediately identified as hers at the time. Correio da Manya says that it now seems to have been the case, as police say they are tracking the last phone call of Andrade’s during the day leading up to his disappearance. is.

According to SIC’s Linha Aberta programme, on the morning of her disappearance, Sandra Andrade transported a customer to Loule station, receiving a “personal call from the customer” in the process.Police have already identified the client. I know

This is a truly gruesome murder – And it follows another murder involving a dismemberment in the Algarve that was “solved” in a very short time.With any luck, this will be too.

One of the many unpleasant details is that the suitcase may not contain any of Sandra Andrade’s body parts. That means there may be more “grisly discoveries” in the future, just like the last murder. ‘All scenarios are open’ as police confirm part of a body found last week belongs to missing Sandra Andrade

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