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Allseas founder Edward Heerema hands over the reins to Son Pieter

Edward Heerema, founder and president of offshore installation services company Allseas, has decided to step down after nearly four decades at the helm. His eldest son Peter will assume the role of president of Allseas Group.

Allseas said Edward Heerema will continue as chairman and will focus on developing and integrating new technology developments.

Edward Heerema founded Allseas in 1985 and has since grown the company into a global offshore contractor.

In a press statement announcing the change of helm, Allseas praised Heerema for its contribution to offshore marine construction.

Allseas says: LoreleiAppearance of . solitaire In 1998, it pushed pipeline installations into unchartered waters, allowing operators to develop previously inaccessible ultra-deepwater assets.

“In 2016, Edward fulfilled a lifelong vision with the launch of the world’s largest construction vessel. pioneering spiritEquipped with motion compensated single lift technology, this vessel revolutionized the offshore heavy lift industry. ” A Pioneer Spirit ship with its offshore jacket removed in the Danish North Sea. read more.

Edward Heerema says: My ideas were sometimes questioned, but I was always determined to succeed.Over these years, as a trusted contractor, he has established Allseas with a reputation for changing the industry through innovation and a pioneering spirit. is getting “

New President of All Seas Peter Herrema “My father’s vision, audacity and skill have contributed greatly to the success and growth of Allseas. He made Allseas great with his pioneering ideas and making them work. It’s the seed’s DNA.”

Pieter Heerema joined Allseas in 2011. He served as Vice President and oversaw the successful implementation and execution of major offshore infrastructure projects around the world.

“The work we do every day is my ultimate passion. Allseas’ signature pipeplay and heavy lift remain intact. I look forward to building on my father’s many successes as we move forward into an exciting new era.”

Edward Heerema was recently interviewed by offshore engineer Elaine Maslin. Read more below:

https://www.oedigital.com/news/499519-allseas-founder-edward-heerema-hands-over-the-reins-to-son-pieter Allseas founder Edward Heerema hands over the reins to Son Pieter

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