Almancil pine trees host Easter riding show

It was a great teamwork day with over 30 riders from different countries Pinetrees Riding Center On April 14th, a fun contest was held to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees and Easter eggs for the underprivileged children of Almancil.

500 euros were raised because a local company participated as a sponsor or donation. The funds were donated to the Doina Society of Almancil for East Europeans, who are supporting the integration and support of Ukrainian refugees.

The morning equestrian class was successfully judged by Supreme Court Justice Emmanuel Correia with the help of Carol Lane and the help of scribe Lisa Atkinson. They took care to write a lot of useful comments on the mark sheet to encourage the rider, and many challenged the competition for the first time. Small seeds have been planted! At the award ceremony, there was a smile of joy as all the riders received the villa and vacation rosettes in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Class 1 was Reed’s reins, and was won by the highly capable Arabella Coppo on Frodo. The second class won the championship by visiting Irish rider Sara Farelli (11), who processed the count beautifully.

This was followed by a walk, trot, and run class, which was won by British visitor Cami Fellow-Jones (11), who scored two points to run and impressed the judge with his sympathy for Arinta.

The audience was impressed with the quality of class 4 horses and horse riding, with a mix of adults and juniors, residents and visitors. The striking victory was Maria Melo on the purebred Lusitano Taranto and the talented 11-year-old from Dublin, Tom Sweeney, in second place. But it must be said how good everything else was, and a good example for up-and-coming young people.

Prizes in this class were kindly presented by Sr. Pintoe SraNeto of the Almancil Parish Council who supported the event. Loulé Municipality logistically supported this event.

A local company has set up a stand in a small arena, and Almancil’s company Wine & Co. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine and sample the honey of the Tomás Brito Apicultura Algarve artisans. Gisera’s Algarve Fine Foods served a delicious lunch and the Malafada Croissants were truly sacred!

Enthusiastic young buyers got a bargain at Equilore’s tack shop, and their new neighbor, Dirt E Biker, showed off their bikes.

After the lunch break, fancy dress costumes were made and horses were displayed. Judge Rosie Banks and Aunt Algarve’s Ruth Grinstead did the difficult task of deciding who deserved a special first rosette. All the costumes were imaginative, but I was particularly impressed by the young Matvei Kostin (11), who chose to be a musketeer and was able to tell the judges a bit about their history.

The last class was a horse-riding musical chairs, ending a successful day at 4 pm.

Special mention of Emma Wilson of Big Sister Social Media and thanks to everyone who helped and contributed. She generously organized the promotion of the event through posters and took a lot of nice pictures that day.

Not only did they have a good day, but the children had the experience of giving their Easter eggs to the underprivileged children of Almancil. Fifty eggs were collected and distributed by a Vicentinas woman who supports 50 families in need. At Almancil.

Beverly Gibbons Almancil pine trees host Easter riding show

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