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Almatech Walkway for First Jones Act Compliant Service Vessel

August 17, 2022

Credit: Ulmatec

Norway-based gangway supplier Ulmatec has been awarded a contract to supply a 32-meter motion-compensated gangway and logistics support system for the ‘ECO Edison’, the first US-built Jones Act service vessel. has been secured.

The 260-foot vessel was built for Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) by ECO affiliate North American Shipbuilding and can accommodate 60 engineers. Upon completion, the vessel will immediately provide operational support from Port Jefferson, New York to the Oersted-Eversource joint venture’s offshore wind portfolio, which includes South Fork Wind, Revolution Wind and Sunrise Wind.

Ulmatec says about gangways installed on ships: Playback during passage maneuvers. ” Credit: Ulmatec

According to the company, logistics will be made simpler with automated trolleys along stepless aisles, and vessel loading and unloading will be completed with integrated 6-ton crane capabilities. For offshore use, the fully 3D calibrated 3-ton crane can be accessed from below the gangway.

“Our walkway system is fully DP-integrated, helping crews select the right access points and routes between wind turbines,” he said. bjorn jerde – Ulmatec Sales Manager.

chief commercial officer Bjornner Hughes Adds: “This is the first major contract for aisle and strengthens our commitment in this market. and accessories.Gangway has a complete product program to handle offshore wind turbine equipment.Our service organization is remotely assisted by Norwegian engineers to fully serve the US market. I can support you.”

Credit: Ulmatec

https://www.oedigital.com/news/498794-ulmatec-s-gangway-for-first-jones-act-compliatn-service-operation-vessel Almatech Walkway for First Jones Act Compliant Service Vessel

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