Almost 75% of Ireland’s population is infected with Covid-19, survey reveals

Three out of four Irish people have Covid-19, a new study finds.

of Seroprevalence studiesA study conducted by the Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) showed the percentage of people who have antibodies in their blood due to exposure to the virus.


Almost 75% of Irish people have Covid-19, according to new studyCredit: Rex
Dr. Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer


Dr. Colm Henry, Chief Clinical OfficerCredit: P.A.

more than two years after the start COVID-19 Following the pandemic, a study of HPSCs showed that the population as a whole showed evidence of coronavirus antibodies through previous infection or vaccination.

The study was conducted through a blood donation program and blood samples supplied by hospital laboratories.

The latest data revealed that 74.3% of people showed S+N+ seroprevalence of the virus.

This indicates a previous infection with Covid-19.

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Exact dates Covid booster jabs will be delivered before winter

100% showed a seroprevalence of S+, indicating previous infection or vaccination against the bug.

The latest dataset is from 13,000 samples collected from July 17th to July 24th as part of a nationwide serological surveillance program.

Last January, 20.5% of samples showed previous infections.

However, it is consistently on the rise as newer, more contagious variants of the virus become more prevalent.

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People in the age group 20-29 show the highest level of evidence of previous infection at 87%.

This figure drops to 63% for the 50-79 year old category.

Meanwhile, those over the age of 60 are being asked to come forward for the next Covid-19 booster jab.

Starting today, pregnant women and women of the same age can book booster doses through HSE.

Recruitment is scheduled to start on Monday, August 15th.

HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Colm Henry, called out to those eligible to take the jab.

He said it “provides continuous protection from serious illness and boosts immunity against infection with Covid-19. This tends to decrease months after the last vaccination.” I already know”.

In an interview with RTE’s Morning Ireland, Dr Henry warned that immunity to the virus has weakened over time.

He also talked about new vaccines that are in the works.

Dr. Henry said:

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“But in the meantime, we are using existing vaccine stocks that we know are also effective against the latest variants.”

A cohort of people aged 50-64 and those with long-term health conditions will also be offered booster jabs in the coming weeks. Almost 75% of Ireland’s population is infected with Covid-19, survey reveals

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