Almost half of Romanian Ukrainian refugees are qualified professionals – Romanian Journal

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According to the survey, qualified professionals represent the major professional categories among Romanian Ukrainian refugees. “Romanian Ukrainian refugees”Developed by the EWL Migration Platform and the Center for Eastern European Studies, University of Warsaw.

The results of the Romanian Ukrainian Refugees show that the majority (70%) of Romanian refugees have graduated from college. 26% of them are highly qualified professionals, 11% are emergency medical personnel and assistants, and 10% are doctors, respectively.

In addition, the study showed that up to 18% of Ukrainian refugees living in Romania reported knowledge of communication in Romanian and 15% reported in English.

However, survey data show that refugees are less interested in employment in Romania (27%) than in Poland (63%) and the Czech Republic (52%). The majority of respondents (59%) will apply for refugee status in the country. Only 9% have expressed their willingness to support themselves by their financial means.

In Romania, the largest group of refugees, 37% 32% of northern Ukraine and refugees
The southern region bordering Romania.Different from the survey target Romanian refugees point out in Poland and the Czech Republic
One of the reasons is NATO’s membership in that country Choose Romania (64%). This fact is
Refugee migration determined by armed conflict.Guarantee of safety Solidarity is a priority in refugee assistance, according to the authors of the study.
More than half (58%) of Ukrainian refugees do not speak Romanian Or speaking it very poorly, the study also reveals.

64% of Romanian refugees Have a college degree and the largest vocational group is Highly skilled professionals (26%) and medical professionals (21%).

Refugees show low interest in picking up Romanian employment (27%) and Polish employment (63%) And the Czech Republic (52%).Naturally, at the end of May Only a few refugees from Ukraine were hired Romania.

Almost half (47%) of the respondents staying in Romania intend to return home. To Ukraine as soon as possible.On the other hand, 28% I plan to stay in that country for a longer time. Almost 1/5 of refugees We plan to continue the transition to other countries.Main destination Poland (30%), Italy (22%) and Czech Republic (19%).position Poland as a destination country Knowledge of Polish refugees (34%) above Romania Average salary in Poland.
“”As of June 15, 2022, only 3,000 refugees from Ukraine have been employed. In Romania, more than 500 (1/6) of them were employed by EWL. Migration platform.Results of previous studies I was happy to successfully create a profile for a refugee woman Working, shelter, food, and Childcare.

In addition, in collaboration with Romanian partners, Jobs found tailored to the individual predisposition of Ukrainians
refugees.Benefits were presented to potential candidates Employment in Romania, despite being inferior to most EU
The country remains attractive in terms of average compensation Destinations of labor migration from the perspective of non-wage benefits Make up for financial didifference” Said Mikarina Sielewicz, International business Development director EWL migration platform.

“”TThe most important picture this data gives us is one That’s what we really expected, but it’s at the heart of it. Than tragic: we are seeing large-scale war refugees phenomenon.. our Of research Numbers explanation this phenomenon of Evacuation from war of A way that no one can dispute.

Some elements of this photo: The overwhelming proportion of refugees from Ukraine are women. About two-One-third of them left Ukraine because of their minor children.Most of them do Do not know the language of the country in which they arrived, they have no origin Or the family there (Poland, Czech Republic or Romania), and they never I worked in my current host country.Whether you are talking about refugees Obviously most of the people who came to Poland, Czech Republic, Romania At some point express their intention to return to Ukraine – of course It was already longer than expected.
The survey also explains the concerns of respondents. It concerns the difficulty of adaptation in each of the three host countries. Proposing appropriate procedures and solutions that are beneficial to immigrants As in the host country.
Representative results of studies obtained by applying the same study Allows comparison of procedures, 3 central and 3 refugee situations Eastern European countries with the highest number of refugees After February 24, 2022. they again, There were differences and similarities in the size and structure of the migration.The Aggregated data from these countries, due to the number of refugees accepted, Most can be regarded as representative of the whole phenomenon Number of refugees from Ukraine since February 24.
Please note that the results obtained are valuable reference material. For previous studies conducted in connection with Ukrainian immigrants. Detailed analysis reveals differences and similarities Between these phenomena“Darry Cristea said. Professor at the University of Bucharest.

the study In Romania, Bucharest, Brasov, Craiova and palm. Almost half of Romanian Ukrainian refugees are qualified professionals – Romanian Journal

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