Almost half of the murder victims were released on bail for murder – Eye Witness News

Bahamas, Nassau — As murder rates continue to rise, National Security Minister Wayne Munro has revealed that nearly half of the people killed this year have been released on bail for murder.

His comment is that a man, believed to be in his mid-thirties, was killed on Friday at the East Street Square south of Robinson Road.

Director Audrey Peters.

Police foreman Audrey Peters said the man had shot him several times and then approached a gunman who rushed away in a “small gray hatchback-type vehicle.”

The shooting was the third killing since last Monday.

“People may be concerned about the amount of violence that is taking place in our city these days,” Peters said.

“Police want to reassure the public that they are active on the road with mobile patrol vehicles and motorcycle vehicles. Also, some people are patroling the streets.

“Our resources are limited in terms of where we can be.”

Peters said: “Our aim is to place stakeholders in different areas that are considered hotspots. How these incidents occurred, they are generally not hotspot areas. They. Seems to be an individual situation where people are targeted and these people are victims of murder. “

National Security Minister Wayne Munro.

Earlier this month, Munro revealed that murders had increased by 26 percent this year.

“30 out of 65 were released on bail for the murder,” Munro said in a recent interview prior to the recent murder on Friday.

People on bail are being monitored by police officers, Munro said.

He said more advanced electronic monitoring would be costly.

“If you want to spend millions of dollars each year, you can tell them that you need to be told where someone is every 30 minutes, but the kind of payment you have to pay for that is It will be exorbitantly expensive, “he said.

“… the cost of the investment … where does it come from in your budget, let’s say it costs $ 5 million, $ 5 million a year. That’s really the problem. It’s very expensive.” Almost half of the murder victims were released on bail for murder – Eye Witness News

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