Alpes Maritimes drought limit

The prefecture has taken a series of measures to deal with water shortages.

Situation: 40-60% less water than usual in the department. As a result, on March 9, the Alpes Maritimes province caused alertness throughout the sector with its first instance. The latest data then revealed that the volume of certain rivers in the Var, Roya, Brague, and Paillon catchment areas was below the alert threshold.

As a result, since March 25, 98 municipalities, including Nice, Antibes, Bio, Ez, Menthone and Beaulieu, have been paying attention to the drought. The Principality’s neighboring municipalities, Beausoleil, La Turbie, Cap-d’Ail and Roquebrune, are also involved. Other commune in the department are still vigilant.

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The commune involved is a shown Yellow – © Préfecturedes Alpes-Maritimes

To combat the drought, the Alpes Maritimes province has taken specific steps to reduce household, agricultural or industrial water consumption. Currently, the following are prohibited:

  • Watering farmland, green spaces, lawns, sports stadiums, golf courses, pleasure gardens, and vegetable gardens from 9 am to 7 pm
  • Cleaning of automobiles and ships (electric and non-electric), except for specialized water-efficient facilities
  • Power wash on roads, terraces and buildings
  • Private pool and spa filling
  • Filling and refilling water bodies
  • Water game

The fountain remains blocked. A complete list of bans (and exceptions) Alpes Maritimes website.. Alpes Maritimes drought limit

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