Amazing aerial photographs show the Turiec area from the sky above

See the mountains and villages of Malá and Veľká Fatla in the Turiec region, photographed by photographer MiroslavČillo.

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The morning reversal, the sensation of standing on the clouds, and the first sunshine are the reasons why Miloslav Ciro in the village of Bella Duris near Martin can drive himself out of his warm bed early in the morning.

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Every season, at different times and from different angles, I’ve been filming Martin’s central Turiek region for 18 years.

“I don’t do it for money. Landscape photography is my great passion,” said Čillo. My Turietz website..

His desire to explore different parts of Turiec from different perspectives led him to take pictures from bird’s-eye views. It didn’t take long for this photographer to get a drone in addition to his camera.

“It’s just a hobby, but it’s very expensive,” says adding a blown-out drone or a broken camera can upset his feelings about a well-taken picture.

Still, people love his photographs because his photographs are original and they take Turiec from a perspective that only a few people can experience.

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