Amid uncertainty over hosepipe ban, experts warn mass harvest failure in Britain



A drought was declared across much of Britain on Friday, prompting farmers to immediately introduce a hosepipe ban to conserve water and prioritize food production. However, not all regions impose such prohibitions.

Experts warn of mass crop failures in the UK after drought was declared in 14 regions, with some regions reluctant to introduce a hosepipe ban. guardian paper reportciting documents leaked from a meeting of the National Drought Group.

According to experts cited by the newspaper, half of the potato harvest is expected to fail due to lack of irrigation, and even drought-tolerant crops such as maize have failed recently. irrigation options are dwindling,” and predicts a 10-50% loss of crops such as carrots, onions, sugar beets, apples and hops.

In addition, the water crisis has also affected milk production. This is declining nationally due to food shortages for dairy cattle and the risk wildfires pose to vast areas of farmland.

Water companies such as Anglian Water, Southern Water and South West Water do not prohibit the use of hosepipes. Thames Water have been asked to refrain from using hosepipes to conserve water, but are only waiting for a ban next week. Yorkshire Water is Announced A hosepipe ban will take effect in the region on August 26th.

Such prohibitions include citizens watering their own gardens and plants, cleaning cars and boats, the walls and windows of their homes, filling swimming pools with water, and domestic recreation while using hose pipes. It is forbidden to draw water for use.

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight also imposed similar bans on 5 August. The ban went into effect in Kent and Sussex on Friday and is expected to come into force in Pembrokeshire and Wales on 19 August.

The water crisis follows the unprecedented heat wave the UK faced in July, with temperatures surpassing 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the middle of the month. Amid uncertainty over hosepipe ban, experts warn mass harvest failure in Britain

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