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Amir accepts defense and interior minister’s resignation

By BIzzak

Kuwait: Yesterday, the day after resigning in protest of the unfavorable political situation, an Amiri decree was issued to accept the resignation of the Defense Minister and the Interior Minister. The decree appointed Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nasser al-Saber, who barely survived a vote of no confidence on Wednesday, as Minister of Defense and Oil, Electricity, Water, and Mohammad al-Farres as Minister of Interior.

On Wednesday, shortly after the Foreign Minister survived the motion of no confidence, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Interior (Shake Hamad Jaber al-Ali al-Saber and Sheikh Ahmad Mansour al-Saber, respectively) resigned. They said in a joint statement that ongoing political conflicts in the country made it almost impossible to achieve reforms. The two Foreign Ministers and Foreign Ministers are the only dominant family members of the Cabinet, led by key members of the family. Defense, internal affairs, and diplomatic posts are usually held by members of the controlling family.

Meanwhile, 11 opposition lawmakers yesterday urged the government to ban the entry of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party Prime Minister Narendra Modi over atrocities against Indian Muslims. In a statement, lawmakers said Indian Muslims were exposed to attacks triggered by members of the BJP, so Kuwait should ban them from entering the country until the atrocities are over. This call does not bind the Kuwaiti government, which maintains strong ties with India. Kuwait is home to nearly one million Indians working in the country.

He also said yesterday that many lawmakers submitted a bill to criminalize imitation of the opposite sex, the day after the Constitutional Court withdrew an article prohibiting such imitation in criminal law. The article has been used for many years for transgender people and those who dress like the opposite sex, and was unconstitutionally ruled by the Supreme Court. Islamic MP Ahmad Al-Azemi called on all MPs to support a new bill to fill the gap created by the court’s ruling.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/amir-accepts-resignation-of-defense-interior-ministers/ Amir accepts defense and interior minister’s resignation

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