AMLO Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of Inauguration Mobilizing Thousands in March in Mexico City

Citizens across the country took to the streets of Mexico City on Sunday to show their support for the federal government and President Lopez Obrador, marking the fourth anniversary of his six-year term in office.

About 1.2 million people joined the president in the march from the Angel of Independence on Calle Reforma to the Zocalo, the capital’s central square, a 4-kilometer trek, according to Mexico City Mayor Claudia Scheinbaum.

“Today a historic event happened in Mexico City: a four-year transformational march with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” Scheinbaum said in a message posted on social media Sunday evening. said.

“I got a report from the Department of Civil Security. No problems, no windows broken, about 1.2 million people marched from 31 states of the republic and Mexico City,” she said.

Some reports cited significantly lower attendance figures, such as tens or hundreds of thousands.

In any case, huge numbers of people from all over the country flocked to the capital on buses for the event. contra marchaor counter march, because it took place two weeks later Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets protest the government Proposed electoral reforma law to replace the National Electoral Association and state-based electoral authorities with one centralized agency.

Critics say the reform is aimed at giving the president and the political party he founded, the Movement for National Restoration (Morena), control over the country’s electoral authorities and institutions. The proposed law is one of many points of contention between the president’s supporters and critics. majority approval Throughout his presidency, he governs a nation of increasingly polarized citizens.

Lopez Obrador initially called on people to come out to defend the proposed reforms, but last week said the march wasn’t “about electoral reform” and instead List 16 Reasons Why citizens must show support for Mexico’s “fourth transformation,” which he says his administration is implementing.

A large crowd dressed in the pink and white colors of the electoral agency filled the city center on November 13 in protest against proposed changes to the electoral system. Twitter @JTrianaT

MorenistaAs his supporters and members of the ruling Morena party are known, various unions and other civic groups have heeded his advice and organized road trips to the capital, reports Reforma newspaper. found people filling about 1,800 buses.

“In many cases, transportation was provided by local governments and politicians who wanted to be considered within the ruling party,” the Associated Press reported.

Many people made the long and tiring journey to reach the capital, but the marchers were filled with music, songs, and “es un Honor estar con Obrador‘ (‘It’s an honor to be with Obrador’) adds to the vibe.

At times, supporters overwhelmed the president, making it difficult for him to advance to the Zocalo, which he only reached five hours after departing from the Angels of Independence just after 9:00 am.

“The president comes from a humble background,” Teresa Magana, who came to the capital from AMLO’s home state of Tabasco, told Reuters.

“We want him to continue as president,” she added, although the Mexican constitution prohibits presidents from serving terms longer than six years.

Clara Jasidman, founder of an NGO focused on democracy, development and human rights, told The Associated Press that the march is compelling because so many people are benefiting from government welfare programs. He said he feels

In a speech in the Zocalo on Sunday afternoon, López Obrador reiterated his promise to step down after six years, saying he and members of his government would Madelistaa supporter of revolutionary and former president Francisco I. Madero, who defended the maxim of “valid suffrage, no re-election.”

A presidential spokesperson shared drone footage of the march on Twitter.

In a speech lasting about 100 minutes commemorating “Four Years of Transformation” — AMLO was launched on December 1, 2018 — The president outlined “110 actions and achievements for this government,” including implementing various programs to help the most needy in the country, deploying a COVID-19 vaccine, and austerity measures. infrastructure, the creation of the National Guard, environmental protection, a decline in crime (despite a record high in murders in 2019), and “federal luxuries.” ” abolished.

“Friends, politics is above all thought and action, and even if action is the most important thing, it is also important to theoretically define the model of government that we practice,” Lopez Obrador said. Told the government: Supporters flocked to the central square opposite the National Palace, home of the executive power.

“My suggestion is to call it Mexican humanism, because we have to look for distinguishing features,” he said.

“…underpinned by universal ideas, the essence of our project stems from thousands of years of cultural greatness and an extraordinary and fertile political history,” Lopez Obrador said.

“…We argue that progress without justice is setback. Our contention is that economic growth alone is not enough, justice is essential. In the new economic, moral, and social policies that followed, the technocratic obsession with measuring everything in terms of growth indicators, which did not necessarily reflect social reality, was abandoned.

“I believe that the most important thing is not quantitative but qualitative, i.e. the equitable distribution of income and wealth. It’s about creating a living environment,” Lopez Obrador said.

“On the other hand, … banishing corruption and privilege is fundamental to allocating [the money] …saved to benefit the majority of the population, especially the poorest and most marginalized.”Viva Mexico!

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