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Amnesty International says Israel imposes apartheid on Palestinians

Amnesty International said Israel has submitted Palestinians to the apartheid system based on the practice of “separation, disposition, exclusion”, which is equivalent to crimes against humanity.

According to the London-based rights group, the findings include the findings included in a page 211 investigation into Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian land and property, illegal death sentences, forced movement of people, and denial of citizenship. Based on legal analysis.

According to Amnesty International, Israel is oppressive and domineering against Palestinians “wherever they have authority over their rights,” including Arab residents of Israel, Palestinians in the occupied Israeli territories, and refugees residing abroad. We are implementing a system.

It was in a policy enacted to limit the movement of Palestinians in the land occupied by the 1967 Middle East War, lack of investment in the Palestinian community in Israel, and a ban on the return of Palestinian refugees.

Apart from the compulsory transfers, torture, and illegal executions that Amnesty International said were used to maintain the system of “repression and domination,” they constitute “apartheid crimes against humanity.”

Israel accuses Amnesty International of adopting a double standard

According to Israel, the report is the second report by an international human rights group that has accused it of following apartheid policy, “integrating and recycling falsehoods” from hatred groups and “fueling anti-Semitic fires.” The purpose is to “throw”.

According to Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, “Israel is not perfect, but it is a democracy dedicated to international law and open to free press and inspection by a powerful Supreme Court.”
“I hate to use the argument that if Israel is not a Jewish state, no one in Amnesty International would dare to oppose it, but there is no other option in this situation,” he continued.

https://www.siasat.com/amnesty-says-israel-imposing-apartheid-against-palestinians-2267799/ Amnesty International says Israel imposes apartheid on Palestinians

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