Amtrak Crash, Missouri: Boy Scouts Help Passengers Rescue

Two first-aid trained boy scouts use these skills when an Amtrak train derails after hitting a dump truck at an uncontrolled intersection in the Missouri countryside on Monday afternoon. I was in a suitable place for.

When the train crashed near Mendon, Missouri, the train was heading from Los Angeles to Chicago.

The 16 scouts in Appleton, Wisconsin, allegedly accompanied by eight adults, played a major role in unloading passengers from derailed trains and providing first aid before rescue teams arrived. .. One of the young men, 15, found a dump truck driver in the ditch and tried to stabilize him. The driver and two train passengers died on the scene.

Dan Skrypczak, a scout master of Appleton Troop73 but not on the trip, said in an interview on Monday night: New York post The teenager who was with the dump truck driver was his son Eri.

“He’s okay. Now that the adrenaline is worn out, he’s shivering,” Skrypczak said. “When we finally talked to him, he was pretty upset. I wish he could do more.”

Scott Armstrong, a national boy scout for American spokespersons, said scouts aged 13 to 17 were members of the Army 12 and 73 who ran out of the first British Lutheran Church in Appleton, Wisconsin. They were home from a tough week-long backpacking trip in New Mexico.

“These scouts are highly trained. They would have been highly trained in first aid before going. Their adult leaders received a fairly advanced course of first aid certification in the wilderness. Would have had people, “said Armstrong. “Fortunately, I was trained because I’m sure they used it today.”

The Amtrak Southwest Chief Train carried 243 passengers and 12 crew members. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, it collided with a dump truck just before 1 pm. Seven of the eight vehicles derailed and at least 40 passengers were taken to the hospital. This included one of the scouts and two adults traveling with the army, all of whom were treated for minor injuries.

“It was Second Amtrak collision in a few daysAssociated Press reported.. “Three people died in a car when an Amtrak commuter train crashed into a car on Sunday afternoon in Northern California.”

Passengers who were not injured in the Missouri derailment were taken to a nearby high school, where locals fed them and dawned.

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