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An 11-year-old Saudi girl dies 10 hours after her father’s death

Saudi Gazette Report

ABHA — Hala, an 11-year-old Saudi girl who was shocked to hear the news of her father’s death, collapsed and exhaled 10 hours after her father’s death.

According to Al-Arabiya.net, the people of Majarida in southern Asir prayed together for a funeral prayer for their deceased father and daughter.

Hara’s uncle, Ahmed Hamza al-Odaiki, said she was very attached to her father, especially after her mother died unexpectedly earlier.

Hara lived with her father while working as an experimental assistant at a school in Almajarida. She accompanied her father wherever she went.

When he was hospitalized, she spent her time in a serious prayer near his bed to recover from his illness. However, when he was transferred to the intensive care unit after his condition deteriorated, she was forced to go home.

When she heard the news that her father had died in the hospital, she soon collapsed and was transferred to the hospital. All efforts to resuscitate her were in vain as she took her last breath within 10 hours of being taken to the hospital.

Al-Odhaiqi said the child suffering from anemia was the victim of shock because he could not tolerate the unexpected loss of his father.

He said they together offered funeral prayers for both of them, and they were carried by one car and buried in an adjacent tomb.

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