An early grape harvest looks promising for the 2022 Swiss wine vintage

An unusually hot Swiss summer has pushed the grape harvest forward by a record three weeks, reports RTS.

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Harvests this early have never been seen before and are expected to yield high quality grapes capable of producing excellent wines.

Disrupted weather patterns hit the Swiss grape harvest hard last yearYields were the worst since 1957 and production was 36% below the 10-year average. The very cold weather in April damaged the buds and the unusually heavy rainfall caused an unusual fungal disease.

However, extreme weather in 2022 will have the opposite effect. Long periods of high heat and sunshine allowed the grapes to ripen earlier than expected.

According to viticulture expert Jean-Laurent Spring, the next few weeks will be a critical time for this year’s harvest to mature. Normally, September is the month for grape growers to cross their fingers and expect the right conditions, this year is his August and part of his September, Spring said. Two weeks of heavy rain could change the outcome.

Most Swiss wines are produced in the cantons Valais and Vaud. For more information, saw here.

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