An electric car jumps out of a skyscraper window during testing, killing two drivers

The electric vehicle company NIO was founded in 2014 by Chinese entrepreneur William Li (47). The company is one of China’s fastest-growing electric vehicle “startups”, comparable to Elon Musk’s Tesla. Unlike Tesla, NIO offers at least 700 “battery replacement stations” as opposed to Tesla’s “supercharged stations.”

Wednesday afternoon NIO I was testing one of the ET5 models and killed two test drivers as I jumped out of a three-story window in a skyscraper in Shanghai.

The car fell into the parking lot of a building adjacent to NIO’s Shanghai Innovation Port Building.

According to NIO, the deceased employee is reportedly a “digital cabin tester” and has begun investigating the accident, claiming to be compliant with government investigations.

The company received a backlash after claiming that the crash wasn’t caused by the car.

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“We have started investigating and analyzing the cause of the accident in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security. When we analyzed the situation at the site, we were able to confirm that the accident was not caused by a vehicle at the beginning.”

“I am very sad about this accident and I would like to express my deepest condolences to my colleagues and partner employees who lost their lives. A team was set up to help the family.”

The company’s statement on China’s social media site Weibo received 78 million views and more than 1,700 discussion posts. Many users have criticized the company for not being responsible for the crash. A user of the platform said the company showed “cold blood of capitalism.”

According to the daily PostNIO employees said: [the driver] I wanted to put it in reverse gear, but instead I put it in forward gear. “

Authorities rushed to the scene of the accident hoping to save the two drivers from the crash, but failed. An electric car jumps out of a skyscraper window during testing, killing two drivers

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