An electric car made by a Slovak student at an international convention

Trnava’s team represents Slovakia at an international competition for young innovators.

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After a two-year pandemic, Trnava Transport Secondary School (SPŠD) students will take part in a race in the French town of Nogare.

We will participate in the 2022 Shell Eco Marathon, which will be held from July 3rd to July 6th, along with the electric cars they made. This is the competition for economical driving of electric vehicles.

According to SITA Newswire, students will challenge the 200km mark at 1kWh and try to exceed the last attempt, 176km, at 1kWh.

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Team captain and junior high school driver Nera Stephanichova said they believe they can succeed with the new model, which is 40kg lighter than the previous model.

The team consists of eight students under the supervision of the teacher. They believe that international achievements can help send other technically talented students to their schools and improve the future of electrical devices.

The marathon is part of the Make the Future Festival, dedicated to innovation and challenging the potential of eco-mobility, especially the town’s eco-mobility. About 40 student projects from both high school and college are part of this year’s cycle. An electric car made by a Slovak student at an international convention

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