An Englishman whose life has been put on hold for bureaucratic incompetence

SIC, return to UK’s nightmare trapped in immigration black hole

Followed by exposure in Residenttoday’s news on SIC TV returns to the nightmare suffered by a British man trapped in a black hole in a Portuguese settlement.

the channel repeats it Britons living in Portugal are finding access to health care, work contracts and even schools in the country blocked “because the SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) has not yet issued a residence card”. increase.

SEF mantra ‘Interim documents give Britons all the rights they need after Brexit’ Proved to be false.

Worse, I’ve even seen Brits leaving the country for business/recreation. Facing ‘Expulsion from the Schengen Area’ (i.e. they can’t even return their ‘home’ to Portugal).

The madness of this situation seems to go round and round.

“The SEF says nothing like this should ever happen,” the SIC said, adding that the provisional documents issued to those awaiting residence permits, even if they had expired, would not allow Portugal and It is believed to continue to be effective in European space.

However, “the reality is that we have received thousands of complaints from Britons affected by this situation”.

Add to this the nightmare of exchanging a driver’s license (see our letters page), which essentially stripped hundreds of immigrants of their right to drive if they ventured out of this country for any reason.

SIC said:Until biometric cards are issued, the validity will be extended to the documents of some 60,000 Britons living in Portugal.”.

But try saying it to a Dutch border guard on a dark night (or even during the day). Reactions can vary greatly.

about famous QR code What a resident with an expired residency certificate has proudly carried for the past two years, these also apparently no one pleases Outside this country, there are few in the country.

Conclusion: Britons, whether they are applying for residency in Portugal or are long-term residents whose residency has expired, should think very carefully before traveling abroad. The harsh reality is that for now, it may not go back.

But the situation is ‘about to change’: Follow protocol published in Madeira and Azoresthe new arrangement, which is set to begin operations outside Cascais, promises to phone the first 2,500 Britons living in Portugal to provide their biometric data, SIC said. An Englishman whose life has been put on hold for bureaucratic incompetence

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