An Indian-American boy was bullied, suffocated in a Texas school, and then suspended for three days.

An Indian-American boy was strangled and reportedly Be bullied According to media reports, a white student from a school in Texas, USA. The incident occurred at lunch on May 11 at Coppell Middle School North, Texas, according to NBC 5. In the viral video, you can see an Indian-American student sitting at a table being headlocked by a white student. ..

In the video, you can see a student asking an Indian-American boy to get out of his seat. When an Indian-American boy refused, he suffocated and was forced out of his seat. Meanwhile, according to the video, other students could be heard reacting to the violence, but did not stop it. “It was terrible. I couldn’t sleep for three nights in a row. I felt like I was suffocating. I cried many times when I saw it,” said the student’s mother. Sonica Cucurella put on a headlock.

However, authorities have opted for severe punishment by suspending Indian-American students for three days while the invaders have been suspended for one day, parents Sonika and Kamlesh Pritmani said. “I am deeply concerned about the safety of children and the message that our school board, our police station, is sending by not acting on this,” Kucreja said. “We need to treat all our children fairly and stop the bullying,” Pritomani said.

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In an email to his parents, Dr. Brad Hunt, director of Koppel ISD, said: Bullying is never acceptable, both verbal and physical, and physical aggression is inconsistent with our presence at CISD and our core values. The email stated that the case was being investigated and addressed by the school and district in accordance with the CISD Code of Student Code of Conduct. Marwa Elbially, a lawyer for the Pritmani family, denied the accusation and said violence should never have occurred.

“The school can preach everything they are bullying and post it on their website, but they are sending a message to this child and the rest of the students that this behavior is acceptable. “Elbially said. Mark Lasita, a lawyer for another student’s family, told NBC5 that the student was responding to vulgar and violent threats to his family.

“I am confident that after all the facts have been revealed, the case will end and no action will be taken except that the school has already determined to be appropriate,” some of the statements said. .. The video, shot by fellow students and shared online, caused anger on social media. The online petition to help the boy received a signature of over Rs 15,000.

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