Analysts: Call to Bomb Crimean Bridge Shows US and NATO Despair for Defeat of Proxy War in Ukraine–natos-despair-over-losing-proxy-war-in-ukraine-1097135771.html


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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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An unnamed US official told the war zone on Friday that “there are no exclusions” regarding the use of Kyiv’s High Mobile Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) for the Crimean (Kerch) Bridge. The statement was issued the day after former NATO commander Philip Breedlove claimed that the bridge was a “legitimate target.”

“To me, these statements and the media hysteria of the Western media look like a desperate move,” said Dragana Trifkovich, director of the Center for Strategic Geopolitics in Belgrade. Commented on. Crimean bridge.

“It is clear that the situation on the ground is not in favor of NATO’s plan, and now that they are losing their position, they are also losing control.”

On July 7, General Philip Breedlab, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, told the Times that the bridge between the Crimean Peninsula and the Taman Peninsula in the Krasnodar region of mainland Russia. Harpoon anti-ship missile can be destroyed by Kyiv..

“The Curch Bridge is a legitimate target,” General Breedlove insisted. “Since the West has supplied Ukraine with harpoon missiles, I think Russians have every reason to worry about Ukraine launching an attack on the bridge.”

Warzone at a press conference held on July 8th Asked U.S. officials with or without “exclusions” regarding the use of M142HIMARS- Provided to Kieu by the Biden administration -Attack the Crimean Bridge.

“As I said, there is no exclusion I know of Ukrainians fighting against Russia in their sovereign territory,” officials claimed while speaking on anonymous terms.

Cargo ship blocking the passage under the arch of the Crimean Bridge over the Kerch Strait, Russia, November 25, 2018-Sputnik International, 1920, 08.07.2022

Former NATO Commander Sics Ukraine to Bomb Crimea Bridge

According to Trifkovich, the provocative rhetoric adopted by former NATO commanders and some U.S. officials clearly shows that “a war is taking place on Ukrainian territory between Russia and NATO.” ..

“The intensification of the conflict was caused by NATO’s eastern expansion, but now NATO accuses Russia of being an invader,” said a Serbian geopolitical analyst. “A logical question arises. Why is Russia called an offensive nation after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 2000 kilometers east without firing? The answer is the fact that the West promised not to do so. Yes, I’m expanding NATO to the east, but obviously I didn’t intend to keep that promise. “

“There was no longer any danger from communism justifying the existence of this alliance, so NATO should have been dissolved at the moment the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact collapsed,” Trifkovich argued.

Given that the expansion of the alliance brought a second breath after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO said, “It wasn’t for defense purposes, but according to the main analysts, the target was always Russia.”

“In recent years, the President of Russia has repeatedly said that further expansion of NATO is a red line for Russia, and that Ukraine’s accession to NATO would threaten the national security of the Russian Federation, but the West ignores these words. I did. ” Trifkovich said. “Unfortunately, Russia has no choice but to launch a military operation and solve the problem that threatens Ukraine’s militaristic nationalism, which the West has encouraged for decades.”

The Kremlin submitted a proposed security proposal to the United States and NATO in mid-December 2021 before Russia’s special operations for Ukraine’s demilitarization and denagification began. Military blocks, non-deployment of offensive weapons systems near the Russian border, and NATO’s return to 1997 levels of European capabilities and infrastructure. Moscow warned Western nations that Russia would resort to military technical options if the proposal was rejected. However, Russia’s core proposal was ignored by the United States and NATO, as well as the EU.–natos-despair-over-losing-proxy-war-in-ukraine-1097135771.html Analysts: Call to Bomb Crimean Bridge Shows US and NATO Despair for Defeat of Proxy War in Ukraine

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